Friday, July 1, 2011

Ready, Set, Go...

The plan was to go to Lu Lu's at 5 and then ride go carts.  We show up at Lu Lu's at 5:07 and there is a 2 hour wait--at 5:07!!!!  What??  Anyway, we put our name on the list for 16, then head next door to ride go-carts.  Before we enter, we get the best picture we have ever gotten of Honey and G and the 8.

Now, my girls had never ridden go carts before.  However, they have had their boy cousins talk of it a lot and the girls were really excited.  So excited, in fact, that I got them to do this to earn a go cart ride!  I mopped the floors and the girls scrubbed them dry on their hands and knees! You should try this--my floors were the cleanest they have ever been.  Plus, the girls had a blast cleaning so I won't feel bad for getting them to do it again!  No judging!!:)

At first, Sister was too sure what to think.  Afterall, they made a lot of noise which she has NEVER liked!

But, she quickly warmed up and had a blast!  Enough so, that we did a repeat trip!

G got in on the action too a couple of times.  I am still trying to figure out how he got his 6 foot 7 inch self in that small cart!

After an hour of so of riding go carts, we headed back to Lu Lu's where there is more than enough to do to entertain the crew while waiting.

love this pic of Holly and G

The two babies got an end seat and enjoyed eating and eating, and eating!

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Anonymous said...

oh my-how fun...sam looks like a 1 year old in that last pic. wow. he's so big! happy b-day sam i am!