Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sam I Am--This is it! Ha!

I was told more than once that I was doing a lot of work for a child that wouldn't remember or care!  Well, I know he won't remember, but I will.  I won't have another child turn one, and for some reason this is a momentous birthday to me.  And, I had a great theme and the teacher in me came out--I had so many more ideas that I didn't do!  

I didn't spend much money on this party at all.  It's amazing how much stuff friends and family have when you start asking around.  I got the tables and dishes from my mom.  I borrowed the lanterns and the buckets that his month pictures were in.  And the real kicker was that my cousin did all the paper decorations for me!  Thanks to everyone that helped!

And, he may not remember, but he had a great time!  He seemed to know that Saturday was his day! 

He also cruised for the first time using this wagon and said ball for the first time--both at his party!

Love, love, love this shot!  My SIL Laura gave Sam a Honey Bee Farms t-shirt (I love Darby!!!) and my sister, Elizabeth, thought he must have the blue jean diapers!  The combo was just too much for this Momma!  I could just eat him up!

A little squeal came out when he opened this gift!

sweet moment with auntsa

I pushed our furniture against the wall and put two round tables in the living room.  It was crowded, but worked.

This is Ginger and her mom, Dot!  Dot is Doe's sister.  Sadly, neither one of my grandmothers could make it!

mantle--I got these wood letters from Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off.  Then I quickly painted them.  I think all 6 of them took about 30 minutes!

This is my favorite decoration!  Sara Beth wanted to add her Green Eggs and Ham project that she made at school!  Of course I let her and I love she is thinking in theme!

favors:  The kids took home these green eggs and ham watches.  They flip up and tell the time.  They also took home their cups and the stuff that was in the eggs.

I found these cute notebooks at Michael's on the sale rack for $1.  Ginger made the Sam I Am stickers then  added sticker that were bought.  I was pleased with how they turned out.  I love the gift tags that she made!  Also, all the ribbon is from Michael's when it was 50% off!

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Gray said...

Will you be my party planner? I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the details - thanks for sharing.