Sunday, April 10, 2016

Quick 30 hour trip to see The Boss

6 or 8 weeks ago, Zeb and I went on a very quick trip!  We drove 14 hours in 2 days for 1concert!  Neither one of us had ever been to St. Louis, so we had to make a stop at The Arch.  Sadly, it was closed so we couldn't ride the tram to the top. 

We grabbed a quick bite to eat at The Fountain on Locust.  We both want to bring the kids back here--it reminded us of Swensons.

When I said this was a quick trip, I should add that it was spur of the moment as well.  Zeb didn't buy our tickets until Friday at lunch!  That didn't matter tho because we had GREAT seats!  We saw The Boss during college in Memphis, and then we saw him in Atlanta 5 or so years ago.  Both times we sat at the very top! Not this time...

Zeb knows EVERY word to EVERY song he has ever written. ( I think I can thank Tim Horn (a youth director) for Zeb loving Bruce Springsteen!) I can't even memorize one didn't matter this time because I could read the teleprompter we were so close!