Monday, June 27, 2011

At the Beach, on the Beach

  Since we were at the beach but technically not on the beach, we felt we needed to go see the ocean at least one day!  Well, for at least an hour.  Reactions like this caused us not to stay long!

However, these two girls LOVED the sand!  Don't let Leigh fool you, she would have nothing to do with it in years past!

Honey was teaching them to watch when the wave rolled back for those little animals that live in shells to dig in the sand.  What are those called?  No one in our big group knew?

Ariana and Frank were the only two who ventured in the water.  The waves were pretty rough that morning.

This picture makes me laugh!


Anonymous said...

Must have been the only time Sam was unhappy!

Anonymous said...

such fun...what a great trip...sandcrabs??? is that what they are called? looks like yall had a wonderful time!