Saturday, July 11, 2015

Twin Lakes 2015

We just got home from a week at Twin Lakes where Zeb was the camp doctor.  I must say that Twin Lakes is the place to be!  We had a great week!

Last year, it took Sam about two days to take off his police riot gear.  This week it took about two hours until he took of his ninja turtle outfit.

I read almost two whole books--I call that a successful week!

We spent more than 8 hours at the lake!

Our neighbors have been the camp pastor this summer and our kids have missed each other big time!  It was great to do some catching up!

The healthcare staff declared Tuesday 'Tiara Tuesday'!  Zeb was a good sport...

What a great summer staff....

The girls (including me) had fun getting some fancy braids.

Last night, there was the most gorgeous sunset while the kids were on 'The Adventure'.