Monday, March 26, 2012

Friends in town

Rebecca, one of my best friends from college, moved to Jackson about a month ago.  We have had so much fun and so have our kiddos!  Last week Bec had a meeting and her kids came to play for a few hours.  Since I had three boys we did what little boys like to do--get messy!  And sweet Leigh can hang with the boys when boys are around or be prissy with the girls if needed!

Sweet brothers

And now that Bec is here hopefully Emily will be coming more!  Emily came on Friday and we had a picnic at the park!  However, she is the only one not in this pic!

love this one of Leigh and Graham

 All the kiddos!  Guess which one wasn't cooperating???

and Sara Beth ran into Katie and Hart at the park and got to play with them for a bit--of course they had to get their picture taken too!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Davenport visit

The Davenports came into town during Spring Break for a couple of days!  It was so sweet--the kiddos picked up exactly where they left off A YEAR AGO!!  Pretty much all we did was eat and play at the park!

One of the times we were playing the Easter Bunny came for a visit and needed some kiddos to jump in with him for a picture!  It's gonna be in the local papers to advertise the egg hunt!

Leigh's party

Leigh's birthday will always fall in the middle of spring break!  That sure makes it hard to have a party!  This year we waited and did it after spring break.  She wanted it at the park and we had an Easter theme to the party!  It could not have possibly been any more windy!  Stuff was flying everywhere!  I could not even decorate how I wanted to!

Lunch time!

The Egg Hunt

 Cake time!  There was no way those candles were staying lit! 

A little shy...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Firetruck Snack

A few weeks ago when I was in Atlanta, Sara Beth's class went to the fire museum on a field trip!  It killed me to miss this!  Oh well!  However, I went earlier in the week to her class to get them excited about the field trip and to make fire truck snacks!  They had a really good time and they turned out really cute!

Some of the pics turned out real blurry so I didn't get one of everyone in the class!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mother Goose Parade

Last Thursday before spring break, FPDS had the kindergarten Mother Goose Parade.  Sara Beth had fun, but you could tell she was a little embarrassed!  Some of the teachers were the pigs who went to market. Sara Beth was Little Bo Peep!

her fan club...

sarah and sara beth

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rocky Sprin

 Last Saturday we drove about an hour south on The Natchez Trace and went to Rocky Springs.  It was such a fun way to get in some good quality family time on a beautiful day!  The girls had a blast "hiking" to find the rocky spring.
 I would say Sam enjoyed his ride too!
 The girls were very confused that this was the spring!

 We loved walking around the old town and going into the old Methodist church.

 And seeing the leftovers of the old town--this is a safe.

We had a very fun picnic!  Thankfully Sam only disappeared from the table once!  
 And we successfully wore everyone out!