Monday, August 25, 2014

our friday night entertainment

zeb's medicine team that he has been working with this month came for dinner on friday night.  to say they are a talented group is an understatement.  sam was so excited about them coming.  he carried his green and orange plastic whistle around all day waiting on them.  they were kind enough to let him play a long a bit!  it was such a fun night!



Monday, August 18, 2014

PSA: School Pics can lead to a Broken Arm

I sent this picture to some of our family and told them that Leigh had broken her arm.  The reasonable assumption was that she broke it doing gymnastics.  Not the case.  That's just when I realized she was serious about it hurting.  We went to gymnastics on Thursday and she didn't use her arm AT ALL!  

This is how she broke her arm (on Wednesday morning at 7:30)...taking back to school pictures!  They took a silly picture and a silly picture with bookbags on their backs led to some unsteady feet.  Leigh ended up on the bottom of a few kids and she hit her arm against the curb.  Now...she let out the EXACT same scream she did two days prior when she got bitten by a bug so I didn't really think it was hurt.  Lesson learned!  She now has her own personal "don't cry wolf" story.

See this poor pained face...yep...well, I told her teacher she had fallen, but that it was just nerves!  I know I deserve the Mother of the Year Award!

We got it x-rayed on Thursday after gymnastics, but the cast people were already gone for the day.  So she had a splint overnight and got a really cool tye-dyed cast on Thursday!

Now she will never forget breaking her arm on the 1st day of 1st grade and her momma not believing her!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

And...our back to school pictures...

Last night we had our annual back to school pictures.  I had all of these things from past parties, so I didn't have to buy anything this year. (All of the printables I found last year until free printables.)  I didn't look at pictures from the past so that I would do something a little different!  It was so fun!   

I found these notebook page napkins from Target last year for 25 cents each.  I bought 4 packs, so I will definitely be using these in the future!

I cashed in my groupon for a cookie cake!  YUMMY!

The girls decided on dinner.  Sara Beth decided on steak and asparagus and Leigh picked macaroni and cheese and broccoli.  I can't believe it was actually balanced!  

All ready for the big day!

The Jordan's are ready too!

Mrs. Bowman and Leigh

Mrs. Randolph and Sara Beth

Both girls came out with huge smiles and said "This is going to be a great year!!" I am so thankful!

While the girls were having their big day, Sam went to a first grade meeting, then played cars in the FPC workroom while I stuffed notebooks for MOMS.  While I was wrapping things up, he made himself at home in Weezie's office!  This was the Sea of Galilee and the 12 disciples!  And the green was dry land!  Weezie, I hope we cleaned your office up!  Poor guy is going to be ready for school to start!  Tomorrow he's going with me to get my hair cut and then physical therapy for my neck!  His school starts in one week!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

back to school tea party

my mom has been taking me to friend's in brandon for as long as i remember.  my kiddos can say the same thing!  she loves to take them for a tea party to celebrate big events!  we went last week to celebrate back to school!

this guy asked me if boys go to tea parties.  i told him usually not but i reminded him that he got to eat those yummy muffins.  i'm pretty sure those muffins will keep this boy going for many many years!

the token silly face