Saturday, May 2, 2015

Touch A Truck

Both Sam and Leigh went on a field trip to Touch A Truck.  I went with Leigh's class, but I saw Sam for a minute before we went in.  Once we went in, I never saw his class again!  It ended up being a beautiful day and a fun field trip.  However, even though everyone had already paid, so they knew the numbers, it was a bit chaotic.  It didn't seem like the best planning.    They had us get there 45 minutes early.  So we did and waited.  Then in the first hour and twenty minutes our kids had touched 2 trucks!!  That's a lot of waiting for kiddos (and even adults).  Then our guide just kind of let us go, and things got much better.  They ended up climbing on lots of trucks and having the best time!  

Watching a helicopter land! Do you know how much this helicopter cost?  My guess was $900,000.  I wasn't even close.  It is 3 million!  WOW!

Katherine, Leigh, and Sophie

Leigh, Garland Kay, Katherine and Sophie checking out where a trucker sleeps

What a great 1st grade class!!!

Thanks to Kimberly I have some pictures from Sam's class!

Anna Clare, Sam, Molly, Walker, Clay

Sam's carpool included these two cute girlies!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Leigh is 7 (a month ago)

A month ago, Leigh Leigh turned 7!  She wanted doughnuts for her class treat--so it was easy to make that happen!  

At Holiday Potpourri, I bid on a cheer/gym party which was perfect for her!

It was lots of fun! And exactly 12 minutes after the party was over we hit the road for Orlando!

Monday, April 20, 2015

sara beth is 9 (6 weeks ago)

Oh, Sara Beth's birthday was 6 weeks ago...sigh...

We had a lot of fun celebrating Sara Beth this year.  She couldn't decide between a spend the night or a cake decorating party.  I told her there was no way to have one on her birthday and that we would have to have it a few weeks late because I was out of town the week before her birthday and her birthday fell during the Missions Conference as well as on her play day.  Little did she know I was planning to combine them and to surprise her!

her cake before she let her brother help

painting nails with uno cards...whatever number you drew,that's how many toes you painted with one color then you switched colors...

after we all rested (momma was very tired), she wanted to go to the children's museum for dr. seuss day

her requested dinner:  steak, mac and cheese, roasted broccoli

the surprise