Monday, January 31, 2011

A fun visit

So, before we had kids Kristen, Rebecca, and I would go on regular girls weekend trips.  That doesn't happen anymore.  All four of us had babies in 2010.  Kristen's little boy was born in November and they haven't made a trip to Jackson--yet! But, Emily and Rebecca came a couple of weeks ago and stayed at our house.  It was a blast!

Jake and Graham are Rebecca's two boys...then my three...then Mary Brooke is Emily's little girl.

Mary Brooke is used to being an only child, but she enjoyed soaking up all the attention from my girls.

Leigh was so funny with her.  I don't think Mary Brooke got out of Leigh's sight for the entire 24 hours!

Graham was sure what all this pink was about, but he enjoyed it!  Justin would have died if he had seen all Graham had on!  No worries though...he's back in a boys only house in Mobile!

It's so fun we all had babies in 2010!  Mary Brooke was born March 31st, Graham June 23rd, and Sam July 2nd!

Sara, my sister, is a wonderful aesthetician!  She came over and did mini facials on us--very fun!

Jake and Sam have matching outfits!

It was a fun, relatively calm 24 hours that must be repeated soon!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

You never know where you will find Leigh...

Sleeping!  Most of the times she is in her bed, but she's always good at surprising us!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Day--finally posting!

Christmas morning was so much fun around our house!  We woke up and opened presents just the four of us!  The girls went straight for the "sockings"!  Santa brought some pretty neat bath toys!  He must have known that ALL of ours needed to be thrown away!

Then we got down to business...

All Sara Beth asked for was a robe!  She is so funny wearing it around everyday!

Sam was very thankful for the boy toys he got--he was definitely tired of all the pink!

Then we went outside and played in the "snow".  There wasn't much, but it was still fun to have a few flurries on Christmas Day!

My sweet grandmother was in the hospital--the nurses let us bring her out to the foyer so the kiddos could see her.  I think it helped to make her and our Christmas better!  She gave the girls matching Kellys Kids outfits for them and their new dolls!

Then we went to my moms house for naps.  We didn't even take time to change the kids out of their pjs before we started opening gifts there.

Another boy toy...

We had a great, fairly stress-free holiday with our families as we celebrated the birth of our Lord and Savior.  It is fun to teach our kids why we celebrate Christmas and to watch their understanding grow each year!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sam's first bite of baby food--so funny!

quick trip for sam to meet grandmother

on the sunday afternoon after christmas, we made a quick, less than 24 hour trip, to new albany and tupelo so that sam could meet grandmother.  the girls were tired and a little high maintenance so i didn't take any more pictures.  thankfully i got some good ones of zeb, sam, and grandmother!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

6 months

Sam, you are six months old!  You are still a very sweet and happy child!  You seem to stay sick--thankfully it is just small things!  Even then, as long as you are in my arms you are fine!  You like to sit up, although you can't do it on your own yet.  You get 5 bottles a day and you are eating food once a day right now.  You have had rice cereal and peas.  Both of which you like.  You really enjoy playing with your toys, but watching your sisters is still by far your favorite activity!  You love to go for a walk in your stroller--which is nice since you go a lot!  You are 14 1/2 lbs (less than 25 % on a term baby chart) and you are 26 1/4 inches (50%)--long and lean!  

You absolutely love books!

Austin has become a favorite as well!

Not so sure about your first bite of food...

not too bad...(love the smile behind the spoon)

wanting more...

Since you haven't been feeling well your sleep is not the best right now.  Last week I put you on my bed so I could brush my teeth before we took your sisters to school.  I was quick, but when I came back this is what I found!

We love you!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we woke up early and made Santa some snicker doodle cookies!

When the dough was chilling in the fridge the girls took a quick bath before rolling them in sugar and cinnamon.  

We made a quick trip to Brookhaven for lunch with my grandmother.

Uncle Scooter took the kids around outside for quite a while looking for stuff!  It was a great activity for them!

Then we came back to Jackson for the Christmas Eve service at the church and before bed...of course...we had to put out reindeer food!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pre-Christmas Activities

I didn't get around to posting any pictures last week due to the stomach bug that hit our family, so my goal is to get them all on the blog this week!  We shall see!

On the 23rd we went to The Children's Museum with Katie and Bryson (cousins).  It was funny to me because they played with completely different things than they did that Tuesday.  There are still several things there that they haven't even touched!

Is this how I look when I am pumping gas?

G, can they work  for you laying bricks this summer?  They would be mostly straight!

And Bryson wants a job putting up siding!

They had a lot of fun dressing up and playing with the reading games!

That night we went to Canton to have some fun!  It was beautiful!  Sam loved looking at the lights!

She definitely thinks the 30 minute wait for the carousel was worth it!

I love this pic...Mom and Bryson look like they are having the best time ever!