Monday, December 28, 2009

We are so very excited to announce that we are going to have another little one this summer!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

You'd Better Not Pout...

Christmas Craft Party

Way back on the 11th (I've been a bad blogger), Sara Beth had her annual Christmas Craft Party. It always promises to be a little crazy, but a lot of fun!

They decorated Christmas trees this year. Warner and Ann Stuart are painting their trees.
Bradley and Sara Beth are really concentrating!
While we were waiting on the trees to dry, everyone had a little snack. Here are some little Santa cookies that I made that were super easy!
Barnes and Henry discovered their straws could also sound like whistles!
After snack, everyone decorated a reindeer cookie to take home.
SB showing off her final product.
Then it was time to decorate their trees.
Knox and Katie eating their snack.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

a wonderful winter weekend

we had a wonderful and memorable weekend! we started off going to the belhaven college singing christmas tree. as we were listening to christmas carols, it started to snow!

all bundled up
sara beth had a great time! she was so excited and talked about it all week. now, when we hear a song that we heard friday night, she reminds us!

leigh had a great time as well. however, she really enjoyed snuggling with bo bo. this is how she sat for the entire hour!
trying to catch snow

when it was over, sara beth just took off running! (this was my coat when i was her age--how great of my mom to keep it!)
saturday morning we woke up and played in the snow. this is how much snow we got!

sara beth has been talking about making snow angels since it turned cold a few weeks ago. i can't believe she got to make one--at the beginning of december!

after we got enough snow time, we headed to the madison christmas parade with honey and g.

i love these two pictures below

leigh's favorite part was the horses and sara beth loved the dancers

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

Sara Beth had a lot of fun at her Thanksgiving Feast at school. What a feast it was....check out all the cute food...

Her teacher is so fun and creative. Mrs. Nuzzo ordered this tent of of Ebay so the kids could play in it. She also put blue butcher paper on the floor and made fishing poles and fish for the kids. She told them that Indians were quiet when they fished so they wouldn't scare the fish away! I think Mrs. Nuzzo is pretty smart too!
Sara Beth tried to teach her sister how to fish.
On Saturday, Eady surprised Sara Beth with a quick visit. SB didn't know they were coming so when we walked in to Mazzios and they were there it was quite a shock!
They made some turkey cupcakes to share with everyone!
They left Monday after lunch, and we hit the family circuit! The girls had a blast eating popsicles at Honeys.

Doe and Dub took our family out to eat one night! It's always fun to get us all together!

On Thanksgiving Day, we spent a couple of hours at the farm before heading to Honeys. Dad is helping Leigh to warm her hands by the heater.
Leigh is a farm girl. She reminds me so much of myself. Loving the cows and tractors, while at the same time loving her purse and lipstick! She was so funny riding the tractors and four-wheelers. She would tighten her legs around them when it was time for her to get off and scream "NOOOOOOOOOO" at us.
Sara Beth thought the best view was from the porch. She's a great encourager and cheerleader!
But after LOTS of coaxing, I managed to get her on the four-wheeler with me and then eventually Bo Bo. We even got up to a good speed!
Then we went to the Henson's for the afternoon and evening! G was unsuccessfully trying to read a book and get a picture!
They remind me of ants! They were all over the place!
Leigh would have been content to spend the entire week holding Reed. Sweet thing, he was SOOOO patient with her!
We went on numerous walks at both houses this week. The weather was perfect all week!
The Pegg kids need to teach mine a few things about taking pictures!