Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Geyser Falls

We spent a fun day at Geyser Falls about 2 weeks before school started.  It was packed!  We had a great time, but I think next year we will head back to Collins.  It's a little more our speed.

We stopped at Wal-Mart in Carthage to buy a case of Pepsi--$5 off per person with a can!  Worth the $4 I paid for 12.

These two boys are quite a pair.

Seriously this conversation went like this....
I don't like mayonnaise, do you?
No, it's yuck.

I think Rebecca and I are teaching them well.

Zeb said he was surprised I didn't get shot taking this picture.  His back said "pistol proof".  HA!

Last week of summer...

My sweet, sweet grandmother died the last week of summer, so needless to say we didn't end summer how I had planned!

Zeb took the kids to Chick fil A in the hospital so I could visit my grandmother. While they were eating,  I got this picture!  Can't believe my little guy is losing teeth!  He actually lost his second one last week--it wasn't near ready, but he thought it was so he pulled it at school.  He told me he had to twist a lot and pull hard! He got very upset when I suggested that it might have been difficult to get out because it wasn't quite ready!

I have no idea what they were watching...but I love this...

Sam brought this home from Sunday School one Sunday.  At first I thought it was two people inside a pig.  I'm glad I asked because that is the two of us inside the van cleaning it out!  And that week he did help me clean the van!

Emily came from Hattiesburg and met us and the Goldmans at the Jump Palace.  I seriously think mine can never tire of jumping.

Then we had lunch at Newks.

Leigh loves babies!!

The kids all picked what they wanted to cook for dinner and then went to the farmer's market to buy what they needed.  Sam decided to make a tomato salad.

Leigh sauteed some corn.

Sara Beth roasted broccoli.  And they all helped with the chicken.

It was delicious!

When Marshall came over wearing his Captain America shirt, Sam had to go find his!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Summer Picture Dump

Maybe if I do 2 or 3 summer picture dumps I can get caught up enough to feel like I'm not behind!  I need to stay up to date because this is my scrapbook--also known as my memory!  

Emily and Sara Beth had a great time at camp this summer.   

Free Chicken Day was while Sara Beth was at camp...

Mrs. Lauren and Marshall took them while I worked.  This picture makes me laugh...Marshall looks miserable and Sam's shirt--aghhhh!

I had a Twin Lakes board meeting the week Sara Beth was at camp so I was able to steal a picture and a hug while she was gone for the week!

We spent lots of hot afternoons hanging out at the children's museum.

love what Leigh wrote

Leigh and Millie Ruth after MR had fun playing with Leigh's hair.

Sam got a fun trip to Tupelo to hang out with the boys!

Salt block shrimp is the best!  It is definitely a favorite around here.

This makes me laugh--Sara and I both had the polish come off our 4th toes! Actually my whole toe nail came off!

SB got her braces off!  We were so excited!  She had the hardest time with braces--her poor cheeks would have so many ulcers and then would get infected and then grow around her wire.  And even almost 3 months after getting them off she still has marks on her tongue.

SB and a few of her friends had a fun book club that met a couple of times!

Friday, September 11, 2015

A quick getaway

Our anniversary was the first day of VBS, so needless to say we did nothing to celebrate.  In July, we were able to get away for a few days.  We didn't have long and didn't want to be in the car for most of it, so we headed to Hot Springs.  Our bed and breakfast was perfect!  It was the Lookout Point Lakeside Inn--this was our view from our room.  

 We ate a yummy and fun dinner outside and on the mountain at Rolando's.

It just so happens that some of our good friends were in Hot Springs because he was officiating a wedding.  We had a fun morning on the boat and jet skis with the Felkers.

These guys don't look anything alike--but they do here!

My college roommate and her husband own the Chick-fil-a there.  They came and took us to dinner via boat!  We had a great time at dinner and then cruising the lake at sunset.

my breakfast view

It was SOOO hot and I was in a boot so we didn't do too much walking around.  We did walk around downtown a bit and we rode the elevator to the top of the lookout tower.

This would leave you to believe Zeb was checking his phone--but actually we were playing scrabble!

We ate a really good Italian dinner at a place right down from our B and B.  I just can't remember the name!

We loved the B and B and highly recommend it!  Our breakfast every morning was delicious!

On the morning that we left, we drove up in the mountains--it was still hot! But the views were beautiful!

Our last stop was to check out JR's Chick-fil-a.  The funny thing is we ran in to the Felker's there--that's his head behind me!