Monday, January 9, 2017

Dallas, Texas and Dallas the Dog

From Thanksgiving on our life was going to be a bit crazy.  We had a trip planned, plus the holidays, plus foot surgery for me.  Because of all of that, we decorated our tree early! Now that the kids are getting big, it amazes me at how quickly the tree gets decorated!

November 19th

November 20th
After church and Sunday School, we headed out for The Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas, Texas.  We arrived late evening, but that didn't stop us from hitting the water park.  
(I don't think Sam knew what to do with his wolf ears!)

Their My favorite part was that this was inside our room!  Opposite this single bed was a set of bunk beds.  It was like they had their own room inside our room!

I have just a few pictures from inside the park.  We left our phones (and everything else) inside the room and just played as a family.  I did run get my phone for just a few pictures!

This was headed up to our favorite ride--what we called the family ride because we could all fit in one raft.  We did this ride over and over and over!

This was the scariest ride--only room for 4!

Sam and I took this selfie just to show Zeb in the background.  He got several good quick naps this week!

Sam's FAVORITE place--the wave pool!  He spent tons of time in here--even just by himself!

We stayed 2 nights which was just right for us.  The girls met these cousins on the last day and played with them for hours and hours!

We got back around midnight Tuesday night because Zeb had a full load in clinic on Wednesday and we had to go get Dallas!  I think it's funny we ended up going straight from Dallas, Texas to get Dallas.  He was not named after this trip.  Austin, our sweet pup of 14 years, was named after Mario Austin a great Mississippi State basketball player.  So we felt we needed to keep with the tradition and name him after another great MSU athlete.  Since he is kind of a sissy dog-Dak or Dakota just didn't seem to fit.  So he is named Dallas for Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys!  We are smitten!  And he's already doubled in size!'s just coincidence that both dogs have Texas city names!