Monday, June 27, 2011

At the Beach, on the Beach

  Since we were at the beach but technically not on the beach, we felt we needed to go see the ocean at least one day!  Well, for at least an hour.  Reactions like this caused us not to stay long!

However, these two girls LOVED the sand!  Don't let Leigh fool you, she would have nothing to do with it in years past!

Honey was teaching them to watch when the wave rolled back for those little animals that live in shells to dig in the sand.  What are those called?  No one in our big group knew?

Ariana and Frank were the only two who ventured in the water.  The waves were pretty rough that morning.

This picture makes me laugh!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pretty good way to get your back sunscreened up...

They were SOOO careful--they didn't want to be responsible for his back being sunburned!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pool Time at the Beach

We spent last week in Orange Beach with Zeb's family!  For there being 8 kids, 5 and under, it was a very calm week!  We had so much fun!  We really didn't want to come home!

This little man is laid back and had a blast doing whatever the big kids were doing!  He loved splashing in the pools!  (check out his belly--we are so proud!)

Sara Beth did so good swimming.  She really has struggled with a fear of the water, but this week helped a lot!  By the way, her freestyle strokes are pretty impressive!

They spent a lot of time going down the various slides at the Caribe.  I believe this ended up as the favorite slide!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dr. Elkin-cont'd

If you have argumentative kids, don't get in the middle of their arguements--just zip your lips!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dr. Elkin--cont'd

More important for parents to be united than right

Do you agree? 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dr. Elkin--on being a Daddy and Self Esteem

First off, Thank you Zeb for being a wonderful Daddy to our three!  They are blessed to have a Daddy that spends as much time and energy as you do with them!  

Self-Esteem:  Top 4 things that help a child to have a good one
1.  There is a significant amount of acceptance on the part of the child.
2.  Clearly defined and consistent boundaries.
3. Respect--no put down comments to your child.
4.  If the parents tend to have good self-esteem themselves

Romans 12:3

The Daddy is responsible for 70% of a child's self-esteem...Why?
*Daddy is bigger and more intimidating than mom
*Daddy is the head of the house.
*Primarily thru affirmation--need to affirm THEIR PERSON daily--not just what they do
*Affirmation of performance needs to be conditional--you don't want to praise when they break a rule
*There is a big difference between person and performance--this parallels justification and sanctification.  

If Daddy doesn't confirm, the child will either...
*get angry and rebellious--"I don't need affirmation"
*"woe is me" mindset
*"if I do a good enough job, then he will have to think I'm good"

Happy Father's Day

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dr. Elkin-cont'd

Pray your child will have a sense of calling before they graduate from highschool

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dr. Elkin--on time out

*closest human idea to hell--separation
*can have a total isolation room (they need to be in total isolation) (this is hard for us because our house is open)
*never send a child to time out, take them, they aren't in control of their punishment so don't expect them to do their own
*1 min per year (can be longer)
*not how long, but how consistently
*explain one time to them not more--we want them to make their own decisions and to think
*time starts when the crying stops
*punish both kids if arguing
*go to them and say "you may come out now" if they argue put them back in again

The whole punish them both thing has transformed our house.  It has cut out arguing and whining of who did what.  We decided if they come to us arguing, then they both get in trouble.  We aren't going to intervene if they can work it out themselves and don't bring it to us.  Afterall, we want them to learn to problem solve.  We have thought about this a lot.  If we punish both, it cuts out their feelings of us picking favorites.  It makes perfect sense, but we had never thought thru it like that before.

Also, this has made me think about Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp..."now you have two offenders.  Both children are displaying a hardness in heart toward the other.  Both are being selfish.  Both children are saying, "I don't care about you or your happiness.  I am only concerned about myself.  I want this toy. My happiness depends on possessing it.  I will have it and be happy regardless of what that means to you." In terms of issues of the heart, you have two sinning children.  Two children are preferring themselves before the other.  Two children are breaking God's law.  Sure, the circumstances are different, but heart issue is the same--I want my happiness, even at your expense."

Dr. Elkin really likes the using time out.  But, he said if it's a dangerous situation to themselves or to others, spank immediately.  Anywhere from throwing a toy that could hurt someone to running into the street.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leigh's Last Day of 2's

So...pretend it's May 18th...because that's when this took place!  Leigh had her end of the year party for her 2 year old class!  She had the sweetest teachers, who just happened to be pregnant with boys, and due days apart!  They both have had beautiful, healthy boys now!  Thank you Mrs. Kristi and Mrs. Becca!  Leigh loved every single day of school!  We did a surprise baby shower too!

Dr. Elkin on parenting in general

During the month of May, our church did a 4 week series lead by Dr. Tom Elkin on parenting 0 to 6 year olds!  Since all of ours fit in the category, we made sure to be at every one!  However, after talking with several people who missed one or two, and several others that couldn't make them at all, andD also because I will misplace my notes, I decided to write the highlights (to me) down on this blog.

So many things that he said clicked with us!  Zeb and I talk about discipline a lot!  We sit down and decide what issues we need to major on!  This makes it really nice, because when he comes home from work it is continual.  Rules don't change just because daddy gets home!

Dr. Elkin says....

Goal of parenting-train my child to make decisions in light of the consequences, in as healthy  of a manner as possible, with consideration to others, and in harmony with my value system.  We need to rear out children with eternity in mind!

(Wow!  With eternity in mind! --God uses us as the primary tools to teach our kids about him.  I have known this.  We can't just let Sunday School, and school, and hopefully grandparents do this. We need to be very purposeful.  We try, but it really struck me to think about disciplining while always thinking about eternity.)

Here are the references he gave...Proverbs 22:1-5, Deut. 4:9, Deut. 11:18, and Prov. 22:6  

He also referenced Ezekial 18 at the end of the chapter.  Specifically talking about how our children have to grow up and be able to make decisions.  

More later...


Since the 4th of July is rapidly approaching, I figured I needed to get around to posting about Memorial Day.  My parents invited us over for a feast!  Mom and Dad did all the cooking!  She said they got carried away!  We sure appreciated everything and it was very nice just to show up!  Thanks My May and Bo Bo!

I am sure I will leave something out because there was so much....ribs, bbq chicken, pork tenderloins, salad, bread, pasta salad, coleslaw, baked beans, corn, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  They wanted to make sure that everyone had plenty of things they would truly enjoy!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Do I look as pasty as I feel?

Ok, this is Zeb.  I had to infiltrate the blogosphere to let blogworld know just how AWESOME my weekend was.  Of course, I awoke Saturday morning to a rich, fragrant, explosive cup of Community coffee...I don't know how anyone gets there day started without coffee (1)!  While that was awakening me for what I knew would be a great day, I spent some time scratching Austin behind her ears.  Man, she's a great dog (53)!  Then I turned on my iPad (40), which has become an excellent tool for morning devotionals and spiritual growth, for some reading from the book of Daniel.  You know, I'm really glad our TV doesn't makes my mornings so much simpler (28).

After that beautiful way of waking up, I had to get ready for my run.  Yesterday was a 10-miler.  I know what you're thinking, "Man, that sounds tough for a hot, summer day."  Well, you're right, but when you're training like me, you can't let that keep you down (27).  Some of you may even be calling me crazy, and if you are...well, I don't even want to bother with you (101)!

All that wonderful morning, though, only set the tone for what turned out to be an even better day.  We at Hensonville are tired of the crummy store bought produce that "Big Business" is trying to cram down our throats (82), so we planned a day at Hope Fruit and Berry Farms in Polkville, MS (big props to Nathan and Deborah Oakley, and her wonderful parents), where our little family was partake in one of the most fulfilling Saturday activities around...blueberry picking (132)!

I got my ol' gray LL Bean on (84) and a perfect-for-roughing-it pair of cargos (86), and we packed up the mini with a few ice-cold Dasanis (76) to head out of the city for the morning.  As you can see below, our Yahoos were natural at the berry-picking...and I know what you're thinking, "Just one other thing those Henson kids are good at."  And you're right (17)!

SB and Leigh could tell you right away what berries to pick.  And of course, were quick to tell me when I got a red or green one!

"Hey, could somebody get me a few more?  I've only eaten 1/2 my weight so far and it's been at least 12 seconds since I stuffed one of those guys down the pie-hole."

In the end, though, eating was much more rewarding than picking.  And our Yahoos (and their daddy) did more than their fare share of eating.  We picked 11 pounds worth of those little blue pieces of heaven!  (You know they're full of anti-oxidants, right? (59))  And we owe the Oakleys and Deborah's parents a hearty (blue-mouthed) "Thank you!" for showing us the ropes!

BUT, if that wasn't enough...Deborah showed up at Sunday school with a bag full of green tomatoes and sweet banana peppers (I think).  So Anna capped off the weekend with a splendid fried green tomato sandwich.  This is the kinda sandwich I'd drive across town and pay a day's wages to get (63)!

In case you were wondering, Hope Fruit and Berry Farms sells their produce at the High Street Farmer's Market.  I'm sure we'll see you there (5).

So in the end, I'd consider it one of the better weekends I've had recently, and I really just felt compelled to share it with you in blog-land.  I hope you didn't waste your Saturday sitting around watching TV (9)!

Friday, June 10, 2011

So maybe it wasn't just VBS that made me tired

I definitely think the main reason I am tired is from VBS, but I've had the busiest nights that I've had since college! I usually do one maybe two things a month at night, but not this week!  

Zeb is involved with the residents and students at UMC so that means we go to several graduation functions!  We started the week last Sunday at a med/peds graduation dinner and will end the week tomorrow night at a medicine party.  On Monday, we had cooking club.  Only this was an extra special one.  My sister is a test cook for Patty Roper (MS Mag).  Sara's birthday is coming up so for her birthday she had our cooking club over for a fancy dinner!  We usually have a card table pulled up to the end of someone's dining room table and very often we use paper plates!  Not on Monday, we sat at a very fancy table and ate off of Annie Glass!  It was super fun and super yummy! Thanks, Mrs. Patty!

On Wednesday night, my parents treated us to a girls' night!  Dad gave us some money for dinner at Table 100 and then Mom sent us to Easely Amused for the evening!  We had fun! We never get to hang out like that!

And then last night, our D group went to the Watt's house for a dinner cruise of sorts!  They live on Lake Lorman and we took boats out to the center of their lake for dinner! Sue made shrimp salads and put them in those round ziploc containers so we each had our own bowl!  We all brought the sides and desserts!  I haven't been out on a boat since junior high, so needless to say it was a real treat!  This was all the girls right before we pulled away!  She says we will do it again later this summer; I sure hope so!!

And tonight, I was just too tired to cook.  Even though it is quite obvious I haven't been in the kitchen at all this week!  We met the Lowry's for Mexican and had so much fun! I haven't eaten Mexican or visited with them in a long time!  

The last day of VBS

I'm always sad to see VBS come to an end, but there is no way I could go one day longer! ha!  Who knew 3 year olds could make me so tired!  I love this pic because Leigh and Caitlyn were helping Mrs. Sorgenfrei lead a song.  She was so sweet to let a couple come up every now and then to do that!  

Thank you to Weezie Polk and Vicki Swayze and all the others who worked so hard to make this a memorable year where our little ones learned more about God's word!  It was so fun!

(It has been driving me crazy for 2 days that I didn't say who made the tent--it was Haley Rone!  She did a fantastic job on it! Thanks)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More VBS

Now...Joseph is in jail with the cup bearer and the baker...can't you tell?

Pharoh and his dream of the fat cows and skinny cows

The tent leading in... Audrey Cate and Leigh
I sure wish I had something other than my iphone camera.

I love this one.  Bryson and Leigh wiggled their way (quietly and calmly) so that they could sit together. They did exactly what they were supposed to do!  You can tell they are paying attention!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vacation Bible School

This is VBS week!  The most fun and most busy week of the summer!  This year I'm in with the 3 year olds--all 37 of them!  

We are studying Joseph.  I haven't had a spare second to venture out of 3 year old land, but there is no way that anyone has a cuter room!  I can say this, because, even though I'm in charge of them, I didn't do the decorating! 

 This is the Bible area! Phoebe Kruger is the lady in the red apron.  She is the one responsible for this set up and for teaching them the Bible story every day.  If you look closely you can see some of the kiddos with their hands open.  That's their "Bible" they pulled out of their pocket.  She stresses over and over that every word in the Bible is true--how important because this is not what culture says!  Jospeh is the yellow balloon.  Now he has a shiny coat on and kisses all over his face to show that he is the favorite son of Jacob.  The Elmo balloons are the other brothers.  You can see the balloons and the sheaves that bow down to Jospeh in his dream. 

Just look at how closely they are paying attention!

Tomorrow I will do a post on the entrance to the room!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

11 months

Sam, you are such a sweet 11 month old guy!  The last two and half weeks have been a little bit of a setback for you.  You started spitting up and throwing up everything we have given you to eat.  Also, you have been real fussy when you are eating!  You lost about a pound doing this, but we think the problem is your reflux came back with a vengeance!  Hopefully we can get your medicine right soon so this won't hurt you anymore!  It breaks my heart to see you hurting!  You still are fascinated with doors!  It is so funny.  As soon as you enter a room you go straight for the door!  You LOVE being outside!  

You are a super fast crawler!  You pull up pretty well, but haven't started cruising yet!  

Your teeth are so funny!  You have the bottom middle two and your vampire teeth on top!

You are a good sleeper--usually taking both a morning and afternoon nap.  You sleep between 11 1/2 and 13 hours at night!

These are your cousins 12 month swim shorts and as daddy says you look like jamal edmundson!  You wear anything from 6 month to 12 months.  It is REALLY hard to find you clothes that fit because you are long but narrow!

As always, your sisters are your best entertainment!  

We love you so much!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Aren't they pretty--Thanks Z!

9 years

9 years ago right now, my dad was walking me down the aisle to marry my best friend!  We have had a great 9 years and I look forward to many many more!  We are celebrating tonight with a yummy church dinner!