Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Last Wednesday, I asked Leigh what her best part of the day had been.  Without hesitating she said, "My best part about today is that my TOTS performance is tomorrow."  That pretty much sums up the excitement she had leading up to it!  I also, think you can tell that from the pictures!  We were, of course, very proud of her.  I could tell that she worked hard and payed attention because she knew the routine!

 Leigh with her sweet friend, Laurie

Her fan club!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Selfies with my Sam

Well, this one isn't a selfie, but the rest are!  Today, Sam and I had a lunch date.  I must say, he's a pretty fun date.  I got to answer questions like: does God fly, what's your "baborite" (favorite) part of your day, and what happens to Superman when he takes his helmet off! And I got to ask many questions too!  I was reminded that I needed to stay on top of my theology and I needed to learn about my super heroes!

Speaking of superheroes...last week Sam and I flew all around our neighborhood!  It's amazing how hard imaginary play can be--the rules keep changing!

After the girls left for school this morning, Sam and I had a little bit of fun with my phone!