Saturday, February 23, 2013

A few funnies I want to remember

Leigh after standing on a scale, "Mommy, how old are my feet?"

Sara Beth at breakfast yesterday after messing up a word: "I just had a senior moment!"

One day I will think this was funny...not now!

So, there is a lot in this short conversation!  It all started last Monday morning (President's Day) when we were having a lazy morning at the house.  A friend had called about an Apple class she had just gotten out of when I received a text from another friend saying that she had left something in the school office!  I panicked "School"--They weren't having school! ha! Yes, they were!  Sara Beth was--but Leigh was not (hence my confusion)!  I did manage to have her to school within 20 minutes of finding out! She walked in the door at 8:55!  Mr. Herring and the others in the office have had a lot of fun picking on me this week! They remember me as the organized teacher who never got confused about things like dates and times! They don't know me as the crazy, forgetful mother of three!

After I dropped her off at school I went to Gateway because I had three lights on in my car.  (A little background...last Wednesday my tire unraveled for lack of a better word.)  Two of them were tire lights so I naturally assumed it was tire problems.  The other was a check engine light.  They kindly hooked it up to their machine, only to come back and tell me that my gas cap was loose!  Yes, that caused three lights to come on and my husband to ask if I needed Alzheimer's medicine!

The funny thing is is that it doesn't stop there.  We showed up for a soccer game on Monday night that we ended up not having! ERRRR!  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

My sidekick

I really struggled with whether or not I should put this little guy in school this year and I am so glad I did not.  Now, this morning when he was mad and screamed at me for 45 minutes I was thinking if he were at school I wouldn't have to listen to this.  ha!  But, seriously, I have not regretted one minute.  He's my sidekick.  He has looked at many many houses, lots of paint, lots of granite and had a smile on his face the whole time!  He just takes some toys (and sometimes a sucker) and sits down and plays!  He has gotten so big.  The last two weeks I have been so sad about this fact.  I really wish I could keep him little!  Thankfully, he is getting more and more fun!  Here are a few pictures from the last two weeks!

He is OBSESSED with hats!  At the moment this is his favorite! 

He really likes it when he has a built in hat.

Last week he went to the dentist with me.  Afterwards we went to the Ag Museum and he stared at the trains for an hour.  He was so cute telling Zeb all about them at dinner that night!  

You can't tell from this picture...but I have to write this down so I will remember it 10 years from now (or 10 days from now with my memory!).  Last Wednesday night after church Zeb put him to bed and came down and asked me why Sam had on my socks.  I laughed.  I got these socks out to wear and then could not find them ANYWHERE!  Come to find out he had put them on over his socks and then put his boots back on!  The next day he pulled them out of the laundry pile and put them back on!


He accidentally took this while we were looking at fabric.  I guess he also does this to keep himself entertained!