Monday, October 27, 2008

Just a few from lately...

Yesterday was a gorgeous day so after naps we got out to enjoy it. I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but Leigh is trying to be happy, but not sure what to think of the grass--she is holding her legs up!

So, we went to The Farmer's Market to check out the pumpkins. Yes, The Farmer's Market--we couldn't come up with anywhere else that had pumpkins and then to the park.

Our sweet Leigh!

I just had to get a picture of these rolls--I know they will be gone soon!

Our baby is now standing and can pull herself up if she can get the right grip!

Going for a victory lap around the neighborhood after State won a few weeks ago!

The flower and the bee

This year we decided after much debate and several last minute changes that the girls would be a flower and a bee this year. Sara Beth was all on board because we told her that bees liked flowers a lot like Leigh likes her a lot! Every year, Mrs. June at the library does a costume day. The girls are mesmerized by a book she is reading.
Sara Beth singing her "song of the month" "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed"!
Eady, Sara Beth, and Mrs. June boogieing to the new apple song.
Here are the babies. I absolutely love this picture--Jack, Leigh, and Tucker!

Here are the big kids two years ago at the library-Sara Beth, Richard Lewis, Eady. (Can you tell who are the siblings?!)

And here they all are--Leigh, Sara Beth, Tucker, Eady, Jack, Richard Lewis--aka bee, flower, lamb, Little Bo Peep, owl, and dragon

Monday, October 20, 2008

More Fall Fun!

We went to Highland Colony Park on Saturday for a fall festival! I love fall! We went with Jennifer, Eady, Tucker, and Honey, and G! It was absolutely perfect weather! Sara Beth had her first pony ride. I was shocked that she didn't even hesitate. She had a fit getting off! For those of you who don't know, my family has a farm in Carthage and we grew up with horses. Bo Bo is now looking for a horse for his grandkids! All he needed was a little interest and he found it!

And what were the babies doing---being pleasant and happy as usual!

Sara Beth had a great time going down the huge slide! She would have done this all day!

They even gave away pumpkins. Poor Eady didn't feel well at all. She enjoyed the pumpkins, getting her face painted, and getting a charicature done. So I didn't get too many pictures of her this time!

Sara Beth enjoyed dancing to the band.

A little something different for the babies!

Just taking it all in!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Fun at Chick-fil-A

Zeb is on call tonight- so to speed the evening along a little we went to Chick-fil-A for family fun night. Sara Beth played for about 20 minutes while Leigh squealed in delight at the kids running around. Then it was pumpkin painting time. Sara Beth watched the big kids for a few minutes and then dove right in to painting her pumpkin. The amazing thing is that she didn't get any paint on her. She was very very careful and very proud of her pumpkin. It was great fun!

on a side note--i get really annoyed at parents who sit and don't watch their kids --today there was a girl who very appropriately had a costume on that had "bratz" written across the front (i have no idea what bratz is, but it is exactly what she was)--sara beth was happily turning the wheel when the girl walked up and tried to push her away and keep her away--i watched them for a little while and when it was obviously not ending i walked in and told the 7 year old who was in the 3 and under play area that s.b. was playing with that and she could wait her turn and then play--usually i am big on s.b. sharing and taking turns, but this was ridiculous--i thought all was fine was pumpkin painting time and s.b. was climbing on a chair to paint her pumpkin and this girl came and pushed s.b. off the chair so she could sit there--those poor chick-fil-a teenager girls didn't know what to do--i just made sure she was okay and then told her we would find her another chair--where was this girl's mom?-frustrating

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bluebird Hill at Caton Flea Market

Hey y'all! I just wanted y'all to know that my friend Emily Kent Gardner is making some children's clothes. She will have a booth at Canton Flea Market. Come by if you are planning on attending. You can order from her blog if you would like.

P.S. She has pictures of two really cute girls wearing some of her clothes on her blog! Check her

Our Daughter... The Dare Devil

My sisters and I grew up going to the fair every October with my grandparents. My parents have decided to continue the tradition--which Zeb and I are more than happy to let them--they pay!!! This year we were sad that Zeb couldn't go with us--we missed him a lot! Last year, we forced her to ride one ride--the trucks. Honestly, that is what we were expecting this time. Our first stop was the petting zoo. We spent at least 30 minutes in there as she was running back and forth between the animals petting and feeding them.

She even mastered the two handed feed--which was important because there were a lot of very hungry animals! No telling how many times Bo Bo put a quarter in and got more food!

Last night as she was watching the news with My May she saw a bunch of rides at the fair. She told My May and had been telling me all day that she wanted to ride the rides. Well, ride she did! The caterpillar was her first ride. It started with a loud screech, so her hands went immediately to her ears, but they quickly went above her head and she enjoyed the roller coaster!

Of course, Baby Leigh was happy and content!

This carousel gets the record for the fastest speed. She loved it and Bo Bo got very dizzy!

Here she is with My May on the boat! She definitely did not inherit my stomach! She had no problem doing the spinning rides! She also rode the bus, the big ferris wheel, the bee, and maybe even a couple of rides that I am forgetting! I am thinking Bo Bo might be taking her on arm band day next year! She would have ridden and ridden, but we had to cut her off because it was bedtime!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Day in the Country

Jennifer and I took the kids to A Day in the Country at The Chapel of the Cross this weekend. We had a great time! Here are the babies hanging out in Jen's stroller. They are both troopers!

The older girls had fun in the petting zoo. I wish I had a picture of Sara Beth chasing around this tiny pig. I couldn't get one because I was laughing so hard! She was running around behind it oinking and it was running away from her as fast as it could!
Here they are jumping--one of their favorite things to do! They spent most of their time jumping and eating! They had a very nutritious lunch of popcorn, goldfish, and dessert!

Just Kickin' Back

I went walking with Laura Shirley the other day and after 45 minutes of walking, this is what we found Leigh doing! This is one laid back and happy child!

Happy 86th Birthday, Doe and Dub!

My sweet grandparents turned 86 on Oct. 2nd and 3rd. My grandmother is a day younger than my grandfather. They both grew up in Carthage and have known each other since they were 3! Dub told me a few weeks ago that Doe was the "prettiest thing he has ever known". We went to Penn's and had catfish--which is one of their favorite things to do. This was one of the first big outings that Dub has had since leaving the hospital and he couldn't stop smiling! It was a very special time! Happy Birthday Doe and Dub!