Wednesday, November 27, 2013

12k for the holidays

There was only a 50% chance of rain, and yet it rained EVERY SINGLE STEP WE TOOK!  Once we got going, we had a really good time!  We weren't able to do the 12k for the holidays last year and I really forgot how much fun it is!  

This is an absolutely terrible picture!

The rain and freezing temps didn't stop the kiddos from racing.

Sara Beth and this little girl next to her with the two fastest girls.  I wasn't up by the finish line to see who actually crossed over first.  SB said the timer said 9:18!  She really loves racing!

I was impressed with this little girl too!  She finished in less than 13 minutes and ran almost the entire way!

Sam had a pretty sweet ride until the very end!  He ran up the last hill--he could barely run because of his wet and heavy clothes!

After a three hour nap  in bed with sweats,the covers, an extra blanket, and our fireplace going we were hungry for some Mexican!  Thankfully we had some sweet friends who wanted to join us!
It was sometime on Sunday before I actually warmed up!  Looking forward to next year, but hoping the weather will be a little sunnier!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Atlanta, A New Roof, Zeb's Birthday, and a few other randoms

Since we had a three year old little boy in the car, we were pointing out and discussing all the planes coming in and out of the Atlanta airport.  It was pretty cool when we pointed out that that was the plane that Elizabeth, Clark, and Anna Corinne were on!

After greeting them at the airport, we headed to find something warm to do!  It was cold!  We went to one of the malls in Atlanta and rode the Pink Pig!  It wasn't much of a ride, but it was quite a surprise to find at a mall!

I sure love my banana loving, tall, skinny boys!

Sam accidentally threw his ball up and over the light in our bedroom.  He couldn't reach it, but he was certain the knight could!

My parents got a new roof a few weeks ago and Sam and I went and camped out to watch!  He was mesmerized!  We literally set up chairs in the driveway and watched!

Griffin came by for a bit to watch!  When the boys got restless we went inside and played for a bit!

Wiley and Zeb have November birthdays--to celebrate, Molly and I took them to New Orleans!  It was a fun, quick, spur of the moment trip!  We can't wait to go back!

Thanks to Kelly and Caroline, our kiddos had blast and we didn't have to worry about them one bit!

They are laughing because I forgot to take a picture of the two of them the entire time we were there and I took one in their driveway.   At least I got one!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cooking Day

Sara and I used to do some cooking together.  Well, to be more honest, I sat and talked to her when I was on bed rest as she cooked. A few weeks ago she told me she was taking the day off and wanted to spend it all day cooking with me.  I really had no idea what we were in for!  We did a TON of cooking--this isn't even all of it!  We made pizza dough, 2 crockpots of chili, Waggoner Chicken Soup (see below how much one recipe made!), grits, gumbo, acorn squash soup, poppyseed chicken, enchiladas, meatballs, 2 different kinds of quiche...I think that's all but I may have left a thing or two out!  My freezer is packed and so is hers! We cooked for a solid 9 hours!   Sam was quite the little chef!  He cooked at the beginning and then decided he would rather play with his trucks! I'm tired and headed to bed!

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad (and Zeb)

This is known as the birthday week around our house... Mom's is the 11th, Dad's the 14th, and Zeb's is the 17th!  Sara and I cooked a birthday dinner at our house on Monday night!

Happy Birthday to the two greatest parents (and now in-laws and grandparents) around! We ALL love you!

Doe got to Facetime and see Anna Corinne for the first time!

Chorizo stuffed pork tenderloin, asparagus, and twice stuffed baked potatoes


AuntSa was teaching Sb how to make a cup and saucer.

It's not a party unless a fireman shows up!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Welcome Home Anna Corinne

Clark and Elizabeth came home with their little girl last Friday morning!  We all traveled to Atlanta for the big homecoming!

Katie and Bryson had been able to facetime them about twice a day, so Anna Corinne was excited to see them!  It was a big deal she walked out (of the bathroom nonetheless) holding their hands!

The new family of 5!

 She has quite the personality!  Considering her little world has been turned upside down she is doing remarkably well! She is starting to bond and realize she is now a Pegg!  

We were playing outside.  I could tell she wanted her Mama so I told her I would take her inside to where Elizabeth had just walked.  I did do that...but really it was just my ploy to hold her and kiss on her!  
I have a few more pics that I took on my phone that I will post in a day or two!