Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Goals

Well, it's officially summer so that means it is time for me to make a list of goals.  My goals always tend to be similar, but it's good for me to think through them.  Last week on The Gospel Coalition I read this article:  It was obviously geared toward college students, but it had lots of good stuff in it for others as well! it goes...
1.  Learn to make and decorate sugar cookies.  I want to learn to do this, but really I want to teach my girls to do this.  I am looking for a recipe that taste good and icing that is easy to use!
2.  Finish my stack of books beside my bed.  I have quite the stack.  I took 5 to NYC and ended up only reading 2.  I have started several of them, but I'm terrible about finishing!
3.  Be consistent on Scripture memory with the kids.  Again...I'm good at starting and terrible with following through and keeping it up.
4.  Reading with the kids.  For several summers I set a goal in the number of books we read.  This doesn't work anymore since two are now reading on their own.  My goal is to listen to both girls read to me everyday (most days).  Also, for me to read Sam some of "his" books every day.  Also, I would like to read aloud 12 or so chapter books with the girls.
5.  Swim--my plan is to do lots of this!  It's too hot to do much else!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

field day

  A big thank you to our moms (and dads--they both did carpool)  for holding down the fort here in Jackson!  Field Day was postponed a week due to the rain, so we missed it! I really hated to miss it, but my mom sent me several pictures! A big time was had by all!

Pool party at Mr. Herring's house since Katie was in Sara Beth's class!

New York City

Zeb and I had a fun long weekend in NYC!  Since we didn't have our kiddos with us, I didn't take too many pictures and the ones I did take tend to be awkward selfies!  When our plane landed on Thursday evening, we went to Eataly.  This is one of Mario Batali's places and it was really cool.  Zeb described it best as a Whole Foods on steriods but for Italian food.  It was a market and had lots of restaurants.  We walked around for a bit before deciding on a pizza/pasta restaurant.  It was yummy!

Friday it rained ALL day!  We were prepared for it and I had my boots and raincoat so it didn't slow us down too much!  We walked around that morning before eating brunch at Sarabeth's!  That was a must for us!

After a long nap, I decided to go for a walk in the rain!  I think I went about 5 miles, but I love this view of NYC!  I came back drenched and ready for a HOT shower! I was filthy dirty from all the wind and rain!

 One of the places that was recommended to us just so happened to be in the same block as our hotel.  That was really nice because the rain was turning into storms that night!  It was called Remi!

Saturday morning I had a blast!  I went to a Soul Cycle class!  This is a suped up spin class.  I was so nervous because I read that it was for the top 1% both physically and financially. Neither of which I am!  I definitely couldn't afford to do it as regular exercise but I could for one time!  I am so glad I got over my nerves and did it!  

 Saturday evening we did a bus tour of downtown.  This was just a comedy of errors. It took an hour longer than expected because the usually bad NY traffic was even worse than normal.  It was our tour guides FIRST tour!  She read the whole thing and her left and rights were confused the whole time.  And...I haven't decided yet if this was good or bad, but halfway through her mic went out and we couldn't hear her! Dinner that night was a Bar Americano.

 And dessert was a Magnolia Bakery!
 The next morning we decided to brave the whole bus tour thing again.  This time was much better!  We went uptown!  Our tour guide had been doing it for 14 years and he was great!

 Cathedral of Saint John the Divine--absolutely gorgeous!  Just stone upon stone!

lunch was pizza at Don Antonio's

Wicked!  Oh my! So good--already trying to figure out how I can see it again!

We walked around the Upper East Side after the play and ate at a place called Maya!  Now...this is how a tapa bar is supposed to be!  So So Good!

Monday morning we left the hotel before 6 so that we could get home and celebrate my birthday with these three!  Thank you Dominique for my cake! It was delicious and a great surprise!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


I don't think I will ever understand the appeal of mud. Ever.

2nd grade had a gorgeous day for their class picnic!  
Mary Kathryn, Hart, and Sara Beth

Perfect Photobomb!

Again, every green space is a perfect spot to practice gymnastics!

I am so thankful for such a sweet group of friends for Sara Beth!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Play and Program Day

Two Friday's ago was a big day!  Leigh had the famous kindergarten "Barnyard Praise" play! Sam had his end of the year 3 year old program!  Unfortunately, I had the wrong lens on my camera so I was not able to get any close up pictures.  

She knew her part and said it perfectly!

Part of her fan club!  

I love this!  That is his friend Molly in front of him!  She was overwhelmed by everyone!  

His class