Monday, August 31, 2009

Time for Tea

Sweet Mrs. Davis (our neighbor and church friend) came down for a tea party last week. SB worked very hard on the invitation--notice her stickers are in lines and in a pattern. When Mrs. Davis came, Sara Beth was so excited she could hardly eat. My two little chefs and I made several goodies--vegetable pizza, blueberry muffins (in a bundt pan), sourdough muffins, and brownies. Add those with some fruit and cheese and we had a nice little party! Thanks Mrs. Davis for coming and for always being so sweet to our girls!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Her first day went very well! She was very nervous and asked Zeb several times to pray for her. It was so sweet! When she talked to him, the first question she asked was, "Daddy did you pray for me?" When I picked her up she told me that she "painted and ate Cheezits and played in the gym cause the playground was too wet and Mrs. Nuzzo read her a book and she gave Mrs. Nuzzo a hug." I would consider that a successful first day!

Tea Party

Sara Beth had her Tea Party on Wednesday where she met her 3 year old teacher, Mrs. Lesa Nuzzo. She is wonderful! She seems to truly love the children and she has tons of patience! Perfect for 3 year olds!
Here they are having their tea party.
A quick hug from the Trinity monkey!
For quite a while, SB has been asking me if she can play on the computer at the library. My answer has always been, "No, because Leigh will tear the books while you are playing. We will come back when we don't have Leigh." Well, My May was keeping Leigh so on the way home from school we stopped by the library to play some Clifford. She had a great time!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My little Mess

I walked in to Leigh's room this morning at 9:00 to get her! Yes, you read that right--9:00! If you know my family you know my kids, especially Sara Beth, are early risers--like 5:45 or 6. Leigh woke up at her usual 6:30 and talked and fussed until 7. I was just about to go get her when she fell back asleep (this only happens every couple of months). At 9 she woke up calling "MAMMMMMMAAAA!" This is what I found--notice her hair, shirt, and diaper! How long do you think she had been like that?

On a side note, I really think this child is begging me to potty train her--I refuse! She just turned 17 months. This morning she was dirty and wanted her diaper off (obviously). However, it is a common occurrence for her to do this when she is dirty. She will bring me a diaper and say "diaper, diaper" and wait for me to change her. Thankfully this morning, she could only get it unhooked and not off!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Guess Who?

Guess who went swimming?

If you guessed both, you're wrong! Only SB went swimming-Leigh is just sweating!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sara Beth has had a great time in the pool this summer--the baby pool that is! She will go under, splash, kick, and is practically swimming on her own in the baby pool. You get her anywhere near the big pool and she freezes. I have no idea what instilled this fear in her, but it is real. Last week while at the pool I decided to ask a life guard to "play" with her a few days and try to get her to get in at all. We were so excited yesterday when she did much more than get in... This was SB's third day to "play" with Abbie. We have a couple days to go!

What happens when...

What happens when boys come over to an all girls' house... one pushes a pink stroller, one in a tutu, and one singing!

We had a lot of fun a few weeks ago when two of Zeb's co-workers came over for dinner. JP (Amy Woods little boy) is pushing the stroller and Garrett and Graham (Jeremy Jacksons kids) are singing and playing the piano.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We went to a tea party with My May at Friends! It was a lot of fun! Leigh likes their muffins as much as I do!

SB and Katie were enjoying their lemonade and food.
This morning Sara Beth went to the dentist--here they are hanging out before she is called back. If y'all are looking for a dentist-Dr. Tiffany Green at Southern Smiles is wonderful!

Sara Beth "teaching" Leigh "If you're happy and you know it" at library time.

Laurie Barbour and Leigh
A few of us went to Easely Amused last Friday and painted a picture--lots of fun--and

we came home with pretty little birds!

Last week our church had a sewing camp. Since this is my new hobby I was excited to join in. We made a make-up bag, skirt, and half of a shirt (which I will finish sometime).

The firemen were checking the faucets (is that what you call them) and Bryson just so happened to be here. The very nice fireman stopped and let Bryson look at his church! This was by far the highlight of his week in Jackson.


I have been given somewhat a hard time about getting a picture of Leigh's bloody nose! I took a picture only after I tended to her! I had already wiped her nose five or so times! And she was smiling so she had quit screaming!!!! :)