Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Matching Pajamas

My Mom know how much Sara Beth loves to match Leigh. One day as she was going through Target she found these cute pajamas and bought a pair for my girls and my niece. On a later trip, she found matching pj's for her--she couldn't resist! Now, when they spend the night at My May and Bo Bo's they have a purple pajama party! Too bad she couldn't find any big enough for Bo Bo!

Class Reunion

The Jackson Prep class of 98 reunion was this past weekend. We had a great time visiting with old friends. We had a very busy weekend. We managed to make it to all four functions!

There aren't a lot of children yet, but there aren't many girls at all! I think only 4! Here is Sara Beth keeping up with the Segrest, Werne, and Lowry boys! She even played a game of football with Henry!

We went to the first half of the football game on Friday night! Sara Beth was obsessed with the cheerleaders! We moved back and forth in the stands as they moved! Sara Beth jumped and played with her pom pom all night! Leigh on the other hand wasn't interested. She fell asleep sitting up in Zeb's lap with her head tilted to the side!
So, normally we keep Sara Beth on a fairly healthy diet. It really isn't that hard since she loves fruit and vegetables! However, Friday night she ate a piece of bread and a bag of fritos. Saturday for lunch she had another bag of chips and two cookies! It was one of those very rare times when we didn't care what she ate as long as she didn't have a meltdown! It worked!!!!
Anna, Jamie, Molly, and I were definitely dressed appropriately for the picnic on Saturday. The young mom look consisted of a black shirt and jeans! We might have planned this in high school, but not now!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A New Cousin

On Monday we loaded up and headed to Atlanta because Zeb's sister was going to have her second child. The kids were great in the car, unfortunately when we got there they both had really bad colds so we spent the whole time trying to keep them away from the others. We were so excited that we were able to be there when Alexandra was born! What a special time!

Ariana's big sister party the night before!
I think she is ready for Big Sis status!

The five Henson cousins waiting on number six!

And here she is...Alexandra Zoe Moyer 6lbs 2oz 18 in--TINY and BEAUTIFUL!!!

Since both girls had colds, Zeb and I opted not to hold her! We can't wait until Thanksgiving so we can hold her! Just a warning...I might not give her up...I love babies!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hanging out with Katie and Bryson

Elizabeth brought Katie and Bryson to play for the weekend and to help out! For those of you who don't know my grandfather has been in the hospital for the last month. He actually went home around 5:00 today! Mom and I appreciate them coming because we have been able to focus on something else! Elizabeth and I took the kids to the zoo this morning. I didn't get any good pictures though! Last night Dad took everyone for a spin in his convertible (not fancy but fun car)! They ended up on our porch swing!

Tonight Mom and Dad took the kids to Miskellys to ride the carousel and then we went to Fernando's for Mexican. Sara Beth ate almost an entire basket of chips and a cup of black bean soup. As you can see from the blurry picture, she enjoyed every bite! She was licking the soup off of her dress and took a handful of chips with her to eat in the car!

Happy 6th Month Birthday, Leigh

Our sweet little girl is 6 months old! She is such a blessing from God! I took her to the doctor today and we learned what we already figured--she is tiny! Her sister may be Aunt Sara's namesake, but she inherited her size! She is between 5th and 10th percent in height ( 24 1/4 inches) and 50 percent in weight (16 lbs 6 oz). For comparisons sake, Sara Beth was 26 1/4 inches (50 %) and 18 lbs 3 oz (90%). So Leigh, ratio wise is just as chunky, she just doesn't have any height to her! For those of you who have been reading the blog for a while, you may remember that about two months ago we were having several "issues" with Leigh--sleeping, eating, and taking the bottle! Well, just to update--she does take a bottle now! YEA! She is sleeping MUCH better even though she is still tossing a lot and often wakes up for the day at 5. However, she still will not take any food! Dr. Brooks told me not to worry about it yet and to keep trying it. I think the nurse really saw what I was talking about when she was trying to give her the rotavirus oral medicine! It took both of us 5 minutes to give it to her and we aren't sure if she actually swallowed any of it! Leigh got her first tooth last week and the second one isn't far behind. She is also talking a lot--she is making the dada, baba, and gaga sounds for sure! What a joy! Here are two pictures that were taken this week!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A few pictures

I love a bonnet! I know this one is too small, but she wore it to church last week anyway! I had not even left the nursery door before the nursery workers were taking it off of her!

Sara Beth and Leigh are really starting to enjoy each other. They play pretty well together. It might take everyone a little while to learn that all the toys in the house belong to both girls!!! (Sara Beth looks upset in this picture--she isn't at all! They were having a ball!)

My May bought the girls these pj's from Target. She has a pair too! I have to get a picture of that one day!!! Anyway, Leigh is just now able to wear hers. As you can tell, they are big--but they work! When we go in a wagon ride in the morning I can't even count the number of people that stop when they are wearing these pj's!Andrew Shirley turns 2 on the 11th! He had a really fun party! All of the kids brought their own riding toys and they went on a parade down the street! Sara Beth wanted to bring the wagon so Leigh could participate too! How sweet! Happy Birthday Andrew!

A Big Week


Zeb and I took Sara Beth to the circus! She had a wonderful time! She really loved all the parts with the animals. She was really looking forward to the elephants and we almost missed them because she had to go to the bathroom! She is already wanting to go back.

We ran into John and Thomas Cross at the before show! Here they are watching someone on the tightrope.

She fits right in!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Caution Alert at Target

We had a great morning. Zeb left, Sara Beth stayed in her room until her alarm went off, and Leigh slept pretty well. We played outside in the cool, windy weather. No tears at all...until...
I was to pick my grandmother up at 11:10 and we were ready at 10:30, so I decided to take the girls to Target. I needed a couple of things. I grabbed a shopping cart and put Leigh in the front in her carseat and Sara Beth in the back. Since it was raining a little from Gustav I was hurrying along until I hit something-hard-and all I saw were Sara Beth's tiny feet flying up and then they were gone. I panicked, as you can imagine and ran around to the front and realized that I had run into one of those giant red balls in front of Target. Sara Beth flipped out of the buggy and went into a handstand on top of it and then sprawled out on top of it. People were running over to help. I immediately picked the screaming SB up, quickly looked her over, no blood or cuts, and held her. We both cried for about 5 minutes standing in the rain in front of Target. Thank God she is perfectly fine. I figured it was like riding a horse, if you fall off, get back on. So we went ahead and did our shopping and she rode the whole time in the back of the cart-completely happy and healty! I have always wondered what those giant red balls were there for. Now I really am curious!