Saturday, April 17, 2010

friday night

our plans for friday night got cancelled and zeb was working, so the girls and i tried to make the best of it...

we ate a picnic dinner outside
after lots and lots of swinging
and then went to bops for some ice cream!

sara beth was so sweet to leigh (as is the case most of the time)- leigh didn't want all of her ice cream so i let sb finish it up. but, according to my girls, the best part is the liquid at the end cause they "drink" it. without any prompting at all, when sb finished leigh's ice cream, sb asked leigh if she wanted to drink it. sb then helped her finish the best part!
and both girls were asleep at 7 o'clock with full bellies and happy faces

on thursday i took the girls to hattiesburg to meet mary brooke gardner! she is an absolutely adorabable 2 week old! unfortunately we didn't pull out the camera for the first 3 hours we were there--just as we were leaving and mary brooke was telling everyone it was time for her nap! she was so sweet and so good the entire visit!

the screaming didn't seem to bother leigh at all-she just wanted to hold the baby

Saturday, April 10, 2010

friends in town

jennifer brought the kids in town for about 48 hours-it was a blast! tucker's turned 2 today so to celebrate we went to bops for some icecream!

tucker and eady love their baby sister emily--my girls are obsessed! i'm in trouble!
all four had a blast playing with this ball machine-now that it has working batteries!
the girls in their matching $5 outfits from wal-mart! i think every 4 year old in america will end up with one of these deals! they loved the idea that they matched
all smiles in the tub

Thursday, April 8, 2010

valentine's day

i have been wanting to go to the rodeo for many years now and it worked out this year that we were able to! so, on valentine's day we headed downtown. the girls had a blast!

we went with the graham and garrett jackson and jp woods. i couldn't get back far enough to get a good picture of everyone

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

class easter egg hunt

last wednesday sara beth's class had an easter egg hunt at chadwick's house. they had a great time playing, eating, and hunting!

here is her sweet little class...

mrs. nuzzo, sara, abby, sara beth, jane bradley, and sydney, maddox, jackson, chadwick, rett, wesley

Last Friday night, my mom and dad took all of us to Fernandos to eat. A few doors down is a karate place. My girls love to go and watch them after we eat, so they are teaching Katie and Bryson all about it. I love this pic because you can see the karate people inside and our kiddos outside are mimicking everything they do!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

our family of four went to the ag museum saturday for some easter fun--we weren't sure what to expect, but we had a great time!

the first thing the girls wanted to do was to ride the carousel
next came the train
and the bunny--notice:leigh wanted no part!

when we got to the bunny he was on break...we were number 3 or so in line. someone behind us in line ran up their while he was on break to get her picture in the egg--at that moment the bunny came back and the lady in front of us (she didn't know the little girl) said, "you'd better get out of there or the bunny is gonna sit on you". she ran screaming away and has that lady to blame for hating the bunny for the rest of her life! i would have been so mad if that had been my child!
and then it was time to ride horses
as y'all all know, leigh has an obsession with horses. the funny thing is is that saturday was her first day to actually ride one. she was a little nervous getting on but let out this great big belly laugh that i wish i had on video as soon as she got on!
she also got her first hotdog-yummy!
and there were several games to play and they got their faces painted
we look forward to going next year as a family of 5!

honey made the girls beautiful pink easter dresses
they had fun checking out their baskets
after church we went to my moms house where she has had both sides of their family come for easter for the last 27 or so years! this year easter just happened to fall on doe and dub's 64th wedding anniversary so the cakes were in honor of them
as usual, mom had everything set beautifully
the munchkins loved their table and their special egg shaped plates

and of course, we had to hunt eggs...
we had a wonderful day celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior. zeb and i have really enjoyed teaching the girls what easter is all about.

on a side note, zeb and i have been reading an excellent book. i would recommend that everyone go to their bookstore or order it online. it is the heart of the cross by boice and ryken. there are 21 short devotionals. we aren't finished with it, but i think it will be something that we will read every year. even though "easter" is over--order it and read it!