Sunday, January 17, 2010

How did they do that?

The first time I thought it was impressive and funny; the tenth time not so much...

I made myself very clear that they were not to do this again, however, they decided it was worth getting in trouble to do it over and over. Sara Beth gets it-and I am sure she won't climb back in, but just this afternoon Leigh did it on her on. Somehow they pull this horse over to the crib and climb in. I fully understand how SB can do it, but Zeb nor I get how Leigh can. Needless to say, we went yesterday and bought a new bed--hopefully she will be in a bed soon!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome, Emily Elaine Davenport

Sara Beth and I took a fun road trip to Jackson, TN yesterday to see Eady's new sister! Sara Beth surprised Eady!
She was 7lbs 1 oz and 19 in. I think she was born at 1:36 p.m. Absolutely Perfect!
Sara Beth and Eady had a great time holding her!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More of Christmas

As you can tell from the picture, the girls really got in to Christmas this year!

Checking out their new riding toys--we can't wait for warmer days--at least out of the 20s!
Leigh also got a horse
and they love their new strollers
After naps and a lazy morning around our house, we headed over to Doe and Dub's house for an hour or so. The girls both got new baby dolls that they already love!
Then off to My May and Bo Bo's. Katie got this cool new car! The girls loved it and the parents had a great time laughing at them! Katie definitely needs to wait a few years before she gets her driver's license.
showing off the babies that Doe and Dub got them
and things got a little messy during gift time
Elizabeth and Clark gave the girls these doctor coats--they might be their favorite gift of the year!

Friday, January 1, 2010

christmas eve in brookhaven

we spent christmas eve morning in brookhaven. it was so fun to see cousins that i haven't seen in four years. we haven't been to brookhaven for christmas eve in many years, but it was really special because that is what we did growing up. we drove back into town for our church service at 4. after dinner at my parent's house, we decorated cookies for santa. the girls took their jobs very seriously! then off to sleep by 7:15!

aunt carol and hunter
jeff was kind enough to play horses with leigh--her favorite thing to play right now
uncle kent, stacy, and jay
the great grandkids minus jake who you can see his blue and white striped shirt behind sara beth
cousins-in-law: michelle and carly
a quick snuggle moment with daddy

Henson Christmas

zeb and i have had the privilege of being table teachers in the 3 year old class at our church! we have loved it! on the sunday before christmas, we were mary and joseph. mrs. kipp had the 3 year olds pretend they were shepherds and walk to bethlehem to see baby Jesus.

then, we had a birthday party for jesus. here is our table. i am so sad that part of henry's face is cut off!
leigh loves her g!
sb showing off her new movie
and leigh her baby carrier
the girls love their new beanbags
6 out of the 7 opening their ornament--reed was sleeping in a closet somewhere! and just think-next year there will be one more! a house full!
ari got a guitar and zeb was showing her how to play--we listened to beautiful singing and playing the rest of the day!
sb got new boots, coat and umbrella for the rain--we got lots of use out of it the day or two after she got it
this was the only picture i took at the shaw, chamblee, henson, meredith christmas party (we need a shorter name for it) the girls had lots of fun eating on the stairs

School Party

Mrs. Nuzzo always manages to have the cutest classroom in the building! Here she had a fireplace and a stocking for each student. Inside them were the cutest Rudolph socks that she had made!
This was the stable that she had set up. You can see hanging in the background were costumes so the kids could dress up and pretend they were the Bible characters.
Leigh will definitely be ready for school next year!
For the party, Mrs. Nuzzo had made gingerbread houses for each student and their activity was to decorate them (and of course a little got eaten--she was caught!)