Monday, June 29, 2009

Graduation Time--Again!

Well, Zeb is finally finished with school- 4 years of medical school and a 4 year dual residency in internal medicine and pediatrics--we have been to our fair share of graduations, but these were extra special and fun!
Here are the guys that finished in Zeb's program along with their program director. Ryan Nerland, Zeb, Jimmy Stewart (aka Boss) and Anthony Gannon

We did the formal dinners at Shapleys and the Country Club--delicious and fun! But, they also had a little less than formal one at Hal and Mal's last Monday. Their nurse at clinic is also on the MS Blues Association Board and he held a concert for them.

Here was the invitaion...
Before we went, we had to make sure we were full so we enjoyed dinner at Margaritas!

Conner (Jimmy and Mary Ellen's oldest)--he just joined us for dinner
sorry this picture is so dark --Jason, Jericho, me, and Johann

Ryan and Cherelene

Megan, Ben (new intern), and Kevin
Here was the blues band playing. Anthony (the nurse) is on bass guitar. They were so good. Different people jumped in and sang songs. Some songs that we knew and some that we didn't. We will definitely be going back one Monday night! Fun and relaxing!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adios Amigos

Several of Tim and Jen's friends had a going away party for them at our house on Saturday. We had a great time! To me, it was a fun party. I didn't even stop to think why we were having a party--if I did it would have ceased to be fun! We are going to greatly miss them, but I am so excited about this opportunity for them! I know they will end up loving Jackson, TN! And they are only 4 hours away!

I've never seen a boy love an air conditioner so much!
I am so glad that so many of their friends got to come and wish them well. I am so sorry that I didn't take more pictures!

Wouldn't you love to know what these two were talking so seriously about?

The kids had a great time too! At one point I looked out and saw 9 kids on the playset-all getting along!

We know SB had a least four of these! They were well-earned! She played outside for the solid 2 1/2 hours--and it was hot!
And the food was yummy too!

Mary Kelly Branning with Short Cakes did the cake! It tasted as good as it looks! She is taking a break from making cakes now, but I hope one day she will do them again!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chase, Laura, and Wes came to pick William up today, so we headed to the Hensons for dinner. It was a delightful dinner. Well, the food was at least! Wes cried the WHOLE time because he had to poop, William broke down several times due to an "phantom" bug that was biting him, Leigh fussed because her teeth were hurting, and Sara Beth had a fit because she didn't want to eat her pork! Do you want to join us the next time we get together?

Well, all of this excitement must have got Sara Beth thinking, because the drive home was her time to ask me all of the hard stuff she had been thinking about. For example, three (JUST 3 of the MANY) were:
1.Momma, why do I disobey? So, I use this teachable moment to the best of my ability and talk to her about sin and Jesus--leading of course to many questions.
2.Why does Eady have to move? Now, if you have read our blog for any amount of time you know that Jen and Eady are our dearest friends. Sara Beth knows she is moving to Tennessee and asks a lot of questions--it absolutely breaks my heart. (I'm trying though to focus on her, because I don't want to think about how much I will miss them!)
3. Why is William getting another baby? (Aunt Laura is due to have her third baby boy on July 16th--Sara Beth thinks this is very cool!)

William in town

William is in town spending the week with Honey and G. We met them at the science museum on Monday. We were able to see lots of interesting things. They have a fantastic new exhibit. We watched a lady clean the alligator tank while 5 alligators were nearby--no way they pay that lady enough money! Plus she had to swim between a rock and the glass with barely enough room to move! We also got to see shark eggs in an egg sac--this was very cool to Honey and me!
At the helm

After the museum we ate lunch at Primos. All the fun was just too much for Leigh. She couldn't even finish her cookie!

Monday, June 15, 2009

William and Wes had their birthday party at the Fire Station. It was great! They learned about fire safety, saw a fireman get dressed, played with Sparky the dog, and drove the truck!

Sara Beth was a little nervous about the loud noises! Her reaction to being scared has always been for her arms to go up by her ears!

It was raining hard, but Mr. Lance was nice enough to walk the girls in!
Leigh "posing" with Alexandra!


We went to Tupelo this weekend and had a lot of fun with William and Wes! Tupelo has a great splash park that is free!

While William and Sara Beth had fun playing in the water, Wes slept (or almost did) on the picnic bench, and Leigh watched and quacked at the ducks!
We also had fun playing at the boys' house. They have lots of great balls and riding toys!

Ariana and Alexandra came on Friday. Here are the 5 oldest cousins and Uncle Chase playing on the swingset.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Girls Night Out

A friend from college started a new business called Easely Amused. Jen and I have been trying to go to Easely Amused since March--we finally got to go last night! It was so much fun If anyone wants to go--call me--I already want to go again!

So this is what we started with! A blank canvas, some paint, and some brushes!

This is what it looked like a few minutes in...
And the final product... (jen's on left, mine on right)

And when you come to my house, you will find it hanging somewhere!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Fun Saturday

We had a great day today. We spent an hour or so this morning playing out front with bubbles!

Then, we went to Richard Lewis' birthday party. Katie was so sweet to push SB for a few minutes.

enjoying lunch

Sara Beth managed to get into her lollipop on the way home. I think it is what kept her awake during the ride.

After naps we went to Flowood Family Festival! This was the best year yet! We had a blast and it was all absolutely free! Elizabeth was in a wedding, so AuntSa and I took the four kiddos to play. Here the three older ones are waiting in line for the slide. They did this at least 30 times.

I love how they look like steps! Bryson is 2, SB 3, and Katie 3 1/2

And here's the slide...

Leigh got in on the jumping action. She loves bounce houses!

You can tell she wasn't exactly sure what to think, but she ended up having a great time on the pony!

sweet, sweet friends
and there was a petting zoo