Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chez Ami Show

My friend, Brittany Odom started selling Chez Ami in the spring.  I agreed to do a show for the fall!  The clothes are really cute!  Shipping is super quick (although who can even imagine wearing long sleeves now!)  Monogramming is free!  My kiddos have worn lots of their clothes over the years.  Their knits last forever.  I have several outfits that have lasted 4 years (2 for each girl!)!!!!  Below are some pics of my kids in Chez Ami over the years.  Come check out their clothes:Monday the 25th from 4-6! At my house (leave a comment and I can send you directions).
If you are out of town next week, let me know what you want before you go!  I can go ahead and take orders!  Or, if you want something, but can't make it Monday night.  

Brittany will be here to answer any questions!

I have some catalogs if you want one, or you can click on the the Chez Ami link above!

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Great pictures!