Monday, February 29, 2016


This beautiful, sweet, kind, loving, and fun girl turned 10 yesterday!  She's been celebrating double digits for weeks!  She's been looking forward to 10 for quite a while.  In our family, 10 means you can get your ears pierced! 

They have a very boy heavy grade and only have 37 girls.  This year we decided to do something special and have a skating party with two of her sweet friends and invite all the girls in her grade!

Lauralee, Sara Beth, Josie

We had told her that we would get her ears pierced on the Monday after her birthday--however, we surprised her by picking her up from school on Thursday!  I think when she saw Zeb in the carpool line she probably had an idea!  

Afterwards, we went to Table 100 for her birthday dinner!

She's had the chance to celebrate with both sides of the family...and we had a mini party for church yesterday morning.

And just because I'm an emotional mess about having a 10 year old--here are a few of my favorites...

Friday, February 5, 2016

Top 12 from January

1.  Lots of games (and a few temper tantrums because of losing)

2.  play closet under the stairs and the playroom get a MUCH needed clean out

3.  Lots of playing with Christmas toys

4.  first (of many I'm sure) trips to High Heaven

5.  family movie

6.  everyone was off for MLK day

7.  I will NEVER live this down.

8.  And the highlight of the month--Grandparent's Day for Sara Beth

9.  trying to catch the few snow flurries that were falling

10.  tea party to Friends

11.  watching Marshall and David roll out their own dough and make their first pizza

12.  and the biggest part of the month was Anna Corinne having brain surgery to remove two tumors--praise God for Him answering prayers with a  "yes" and for a successful and much easier than anticipated surgery.  we had fun spending a few hours in memphis with the Peggs.

This picture makes me laugh SO hard!  First off--what is Sam doing?  Second--AC was not a happy camper!  Brain surgery is TOUGH!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Yikes!  It's already February and I haven't done a single entry for January!  We had a very low key New Years Eve!  The Goldmans came over and we ate, visited, and played some games!

I think this is the first picture we have of all 6 of them.

I printed off a bunch of Minute to Win It games off the computer and told Sara Beth to pick out 4 or 5.  She picked them out and gathered all the necessary materials for the games!

All the adults played too!