Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sam I Am Party-Part 1

Since this is my scrapbook, I am going to put all the details on here so I won't forget!

Last July, I did a post on Sam and my grandfather, Sam, and called it Sam I Am.  I knew then what his first party would be, so I have been planning all along!

These were the invitations and the thank-you notes.  Del Harrington did them and they were perfect!  Thank you Del!  The invitation said: 

Will you celebrate at our house?
Will you join us for a treat?
Will you join us just to eat?
Here's a party you don't want to miss!
As Sam I Am celebrates his first like this...
Join us on Saturday, the 2nd of July,
As we sing to celebrate this big guy.
The party's at 10:30, so don't be late.
We'll serve lots of food,
and cake on a plate.
Would you, could you, come and play?
Let us know either way.

I think you can read the thank you notes!

This greeted guests at the front door.

I had guest sign in and write on any page in a Green Eggs and Ham book.  I also wrote all the gifts he received in the back of the book.  Hopefully he will cherish this, or at least his wife will!

There was some "Chi-O" punch at the door.  It is just sherbert, sprite, and ginger-ale, along with green and orange jelly beans and m and m's.

This cute banner was made by my super creative cousin, Ginger!  She also made the month signs that I put around the house (one of them is in the picture above).

I will post more later.  I have WAY too many pictures for just one or two posts!


Anonymous said...

Special birthday party for "Sam I Am"

laura said...

How cute, Anna! Happy Birthday, Sam!

odomfamilyfun said...

Everything was just perfect!!! Happy Birthday Sam :)

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are posting these pictures because it was very very cute and I know that a lot of time went into it. We loved the party and Sam had so much fun. Honey

Anonymous said...

so cute...keep the posts coming-cant wait to see the rest! happy birthday sam!