Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sunday afternoon we went with honey and g to barnes and noble to see curious george.  curious george has been a family favorite for over 2 years now.  the girls had fun, but i think their favorite part was reading any book they wanted to in the store.

curious george was pretty good--the reader could have been louder and more enthusiastic.  the teacher in us wanted to go get the book and read it to engage the children more.  nontheless, it was a good afternoon.

sara beth has been saying for over a month now that g was gonna take her fishing.  it was something she mentioned on a daily basis as we drove over spillway or past the lake in our neighborhood.  well, she was right and g took them fishing.  they had a blast.  you can see a little brim on the line.  they caught several (or at least the same fish several times).  in the picture, neither girl could take their eyes off the fish!  and no leigh is not sunburned...she's like her mommy and turns bright red when hot!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

warning: this is gross

so i warned you...  leigh has not spit up in probably close to a year.  this happened about 2 months ago.  sara was leaving to go out of town for 3 weeks so we went to lunch.  she picked leigh up and sara's face changed to a slight panic look.  she was still sitting down and leigh spit up all down her back and into her blue jeans.  i mean she could pick leigh up a million times and this would not happen again!  i thought it was so funny because sara is a great aunt but she hates spit up, blowing noses, and changing diapers!

and this sweet little face did it to her!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

since zeb is working this weekend, the girls spent friday night with my parents so i could rest.  saturday morning, i met them at the splash pad at dogwood so they could play.  we have never done this before and the girls absolutely loved it.  they both were squealing with delight.  i took some pictures and then sat inside a nearby store to get out of the heat.

we went to lunch and then came home to rest.  after naps the girls played with play-doh for an hour or so before heading outside.  we have a fantastic backyard for little ones. the girls have been doing a great job of playing by themselves since i can't go out.  after about an hour of playing, i called them in for dinner.  i think leigh enjoyed playing! red faced and sweaty!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Last Day of...


Sara Beth has completed the 3 year old program and to celebrate there was a party at Maddox's house!

SB stood at the top of the slide for about 10 minutes before deciding to join in on the fun!

But, once she got going, she didn't want to stop!

Mrs. Nuzzo made all the kids a photo album of the year.  It is absolutely one of the sweetest gifts ever.  She took pictures of every special day including each child's birthday!  She always went the extra mile and made the kids feel so special.  Because of her all 10 excelled!


Tuesday was Sara Beth's last day of gymnastics for a while!  I don't have many pictures of her since she is in a big girl class.  She has enjoyed it every bit as much as Leigh! SB has been trying to decide if she wants to take gymnastics, ballet, or cheerleading in the fall!  I believe she will think about it everyday this summer!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Day, Mommy, Happy Day

So, yesterday was the day I have been dreading for quite a while.  Actually, it wouldn't be bad at all to turn 30 if I didn't feel like I was 80!  We had a fun day and our 2 activities wore me out! ha!

My day started when Zeb and the girls woke me up singing "Happy Birthday"!  It's the best wake up a mom could ever have!

My mom took us to Bon Ami for lunch-by far my favorite lunch spot in Jackson.  I have never taken the girls, but they were great!  

Sara Beth and Doe sat at the end of the table and ignored the rest of us.  They ended up coloring their entire end of the table.  Doe was trying to teach her how to draw flowers and a house.  Funny thing...I vividly remember Doe teaching me to draw those two things!

After a delicious lunch of chicken salad and way too much berry tea, the adults split this caramel brownie--yum!

Sweet bye bye hug

We come home and rested all afternoon so we could go to dinner with Daddy!  We went to Cock of the Walk.  We haven't been there in over a year, but it was great fun!  Throughout our meal we watched a black lab run off the pier and catch a tennis ball in the water.  

We saved our cornbread so we could feed some ducks!

And when the ducks got too close for comfort the girls found comfort in their Daddy's legs!

Monday, May 17, 2010

So, what does this sweet little hand on the outside of the door mean?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

quick trip

The Davenports came flying in yesterday afternoon around 3:30 so they could baptize Emily this morning.

The kids had fun catching up and playing.

our little ham--i mean, who taught her to do this?

They always pick right up where they left off!

I seriously cannot believe that I am posting this picture! Unfortunately last night, I felt as bad and swollen as I look! But, it's a cute pic of the rest of the family!  And....it's the last picture ever of me with braces!  I get them off at 1:30 tomorrow!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Do you need a babysitter?

Summer is here!  Our babysitter, Miriam, just finished her freshman year at Ole Miss.  She is going to babysit for her summer job.  If you need a sitter, call me and I will give you her information.  I know several of my friends have already gotten her for a set time a week, but she still has some available as well as sporadic babysitting!  She is wonderful with kids.  I highly recommend her!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Go AuntSa!

A few weeks ago we went to Orlando for the 2010 World Cheerleading Competition. You can see in the girls faces how much fun they had and how proud they are of their AuntSa! The United States won again! One of their favorite playtimes at home is to wear their cheerleading uniforms and jump around screaming "Go USA!" Who knows, maybe they will follow in her footsteps?!

I lost my camera at Magic Kingdom so I am completely at the mercy of others in my family for pictures--and...um....dad...one more friendly reminder to burn me cds!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The people in the medicine office at UMC held a joint shower for us and for the Woods (expecting identical twin girls) .  They were so very kind.  It was so nice and it is a lot of fun to have some new things for baby #3!  Between the shower yesterday and seeing the baby in a sonogram on Monday, I have been able to get really excited!  I think I have been so nervous this whole time, that I haven't let myself enjoy looking and thinking baby stuff.  I'm officially ready to get the nursery finished!

Amy and JP.  JP has decided his sisters' names need to be Princess and Cowgirl!  I think they  might stick!

Zeb is probably not gonna like the shot above (ha!), but I didn't take many pictures!

All 3 of the chiefs this year have had a child-Jeremy and Sha had a little girl last August; Amy and Patrick are having twin girls in June; and we will be having a baby in July.  These are the 3 chiefs for next year!  They are all laughing at the idea of having a child during their chief year!

more 'nastics pictures

leigh is still loving 'nastics! it is the highlight of her week and she is going to be very disappointed to find out she only has one left until the fall. we are opting out of all activities for the summer because of baby #3!

on the way to gymnastics monday, we stopped by doe and dub's to welcome him home from another night in the hosptial. they have a very sweet bond between them! she loves spending time with him like i did when i was little. (i have warned dub many times....he can't play favorites! ha!) you can see leigh and her baby are ready for gymnastics!

most of the kids in the class are turning or have just turned 3. so they will be moving out of the mommy and me class. coach amy decided that this week would be a practice big kid class. leigh did surprisingly well to be a year younger. she didn't want mommy's help if the others weren't getting help (and it helped my back a little too!) this is elaina price next to her. elaina's mommy monica was a chi -o at state with me. maybe our girls will be chi-o's at state one day!

on a completely different note, this is one of the main reasons why i don't like cats at all! help!