Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Week

We started off the week on a fun note!  We spent the July 4th morning in Millcreek where they have a great parade (at least on election years)!  

Since they were tiny babies, this has been their reaction to loud noises!  

My May came for the parade and Sam was glad to have some attention.

Catherine and Brittany organized their streets float.  They were the Millcreek Super Heroes.  

Sara Beth decided she wanted on as they were passing by.

And the little sisters caught the candy.

While the little brothers just hung out!  I have a feeling Trey and Sam will do a lot of hanging out with 5 older sisters between them!

At the end, Mrs. Brittany was kind and let Audrey and Leigh climb on to practice their wave.

Afterward the parade, it was time for eating, swimming, sliding, and jumping.  All of which our family did!

Monday afternoon is when our week sort of fell apart.  Sam got fussy and didn't nap.  Also, we got all five of us dressed and sunscreened to head to the pool and as soon as we got their it thundered-so we headed home with two disappointed girls.  Zeb and I thought we were giving the girls a huge treat and cooked hotdogs and had chips!  Let's just say the dinner was not fun nor a treat and we won't be eating hotdogs and chips anytime soon.  

What started with Sam being  fussy ended in 3 days of 103 plus temps.  So, he spent a couple of days like this... 

While Sam was sick, the girls and I caught up on some of our reading.  We had gotten behind with Bible School, the beach, and cheer camp all in the month of June.  

Today, he's all smiles...sort of... so we headed out of the house for a bit!  Sam needed to check out his new ride after turning one!

I asked the girls what they wanted to do, and Sara Beth wanted to go to the library.  We checked out 15 books that they are chomping at the bit to read, so that's what we will be doing this afternoon.  After the library, we went to Renaissance with my mom and had fun playing in the fountains! At first Sam wasn't too sure what to think about them, but it didn't take long.

Mom treated us to lunch at Pepper's which is always yummy!  I think everyone benefited from a morning out!

And this is what I came home to....I'm up for ideas of what Austin got into...


Anonymous said...

what an adventure!

Runs With Scissors said...

Hey Anna. I just now got to see the posts of Sam I Am. Everything is adorable and so clever. You did good, girl. Can't believe he is one. And I'm so sorry he got sick after having done so well for so long.
Back from the beach today. Hope I get to see you tomorrow.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

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