Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Measuring up!

Last Wednesday, I took the girls for their 2 and 4 year old appointments. I accidentally threw away the piece of paper that had their exact measurements, but I remember the percentages. Leigh is still measuring less than 20% (it's a little fuzzy down there to see where she exactly falls), but her weight makes up for her height and she weighs in at 75%! I just love baby fat! Sara Beth is very steady weighing in and standing tall around 60%!

Sara Beth got her shots for "big"school and it is something I will never forget! It took me and 2 nurses to hold her down so that the nurse could give her the shots. She was screaming, "mommy, why are you doing this to me?" One of the nurses said she thought it might have set a record! ha! She really has a major fear of shots---she also screamed her head off when (before the shots) she and Leigh got their finger stuck--(and that truly doesn't hurt much at all!) Leigh just looked at the nurse and tilted her head and said "bandaid"! Thanks goodness that we don't have anymore shots until she's 11-except for flu!

Just in case you are wondering--we are at 8 days and counting on the bandaids! Oh, the drama!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bryson's Birthday

several weeks ago we went to atlanta to celebrate bryson's 3rd birthday. he had a construction themed party.


elizabeth did four stations with activities

station 1

station 2_sand with tractors
station 3-
station 4

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Leigh's birthday

the last picture i left you with was leigh sleeping peacefully in her "big girl bed". we moved her into that bed on march 1st. we have had very little trouble with it. we found her walking around a couple of times very early in the morning or during nap, so we solved that and put a child-lock cover on the inside of her door. she didn't mind it at all (we tried this once when sara beth was her age and she screamed and screamed about it). for some reason today, i felt that i needed to go check on her during nap-maybe because i didn't hear her talking on the monitor as she fell asleep. and this is what i found! she had been in her room only a couple of minutes! i quickly ran and grabbed a camera. after the pic, i picked her up and put her in bed. that was an hour and a half ago and she's still asleep! (notice her outfit: both girls are taking a nap in cheerleader outfits)
since she had already had her party, and sister had just had her birthday leigh completely understood that it was her day! she had a blast! here she is opening up her moon/sun clock!
zeb and i took her to bops for dessert because we didn't need anymore cake around the house for days! you would have thought we had given her a million dollars. at one point she dropped her cone, but zeb picked it up quickly and declared it okay to eat via the 5 second rule!
her great-grandmother doe took her to lunch. leigh ate all of her lunch, plus some of doe's chicken pot pie!

leigh is our mess! she thrives on making people laugh and will find a way to turn the attention on herself! she talks up a storm (like the ENTIRE way from Birmingham to Jackson). i love how she says milk-it is something like muuuulllllk; she calls sara beth-sister; she loves playing baby; she does a good job of keeping up with sister; and she's gonna be a great middle sister! she loves to count--although prefers to start with the number 5--sara says she's just practicing to be a cheerleader; and she loves the abc song! we love you lots leigh!

Monday, March 8, 2010

leigh taking 'nastics

about a month ago leigh started taking a gymnastics mommy and me class. she absolutely loves it and goes around going "me, nastics!". all of these pictures were taken during her first class. she had it this morning and had her leo on at 7 a.m. after we took sara beth to school, i had a few errands to run. everytime we went in somewhere she would say, "no mommy, me nastics." it's really hard explaining to an almost 2 year old that 'nastics doesn't start until 10!

Friday, March 5, 2010

school or fairy tale?

Trinity had Fairy Tale Day today. The teachers went to a lot of work to make this a very special day for the kids. I am sure it is one Sara Beth will never forget!
the halls were lined with trees and green streamers (aka the enchanted forests)

Princesses Sydney, Sara Beth, and Abby
Sara Beth's room was "The Gingerbread Man". This is where all the 3 year olds came to eat their snack. I didn't get a good picture of the room, but there were gingerbread men scattered about along with a candy garland.

Sydney and SB
Next they went to "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".

This was the cottage where the three bears lived.
and you can't forget the little mermaid...

The next room was Cinderella's castle.
perfectly fit for all the princesses!
and for Sara Beth's favorite fairy tale-Jack and the Beanstalk. This was a tall beanstalk with a stepladder behind it. The kids could "climb" the beanstalk.
The sand and water table was filled with lots of beans to play with!
entrance to Jack
This is Sara Beth's class. You can kind of see some of the decorations!
What a special day for all of the three year olds.

Our little fish!

FLASHBACK PIC: This picture was taken when Sara Beth, Richard Lewis, and Eady were 3! I'm still looking for their pic when they were 2!
Here are Leigh and Jack at their first swim lessons this year. These looks pretty much sum up what they thought about them!

And here are Sara Beth and Richard Lewis much bigger at just turned 4 and almost 4!
I was so proud of both of the girls. For Sara Beth, swimming is getting over a bunch of fears! She doesn't like it, but as you can tell, she's pretty good at it. Leigh did great. I was too slow to get her best swim on video, but for not quite 2-I'm impressed!