Monday, August 30, 2010

family time

i have been a bad blogger lately--i have no idea why! ha!
some of these are from quite a while ago, but i wanted to get them on the blog.

this was taken last thursday when we went to see doe and dub.  i love it.  the two sams looks like they are carrying on a very important conversation!  i bet they are!

the girls love dub's walker--it's a fun ride for them!

doe and sam

this is from more than a month ago when nannoh came to visit

mimi (my great aunt)

kay (who doesn't like to have picture taken) helping me get to the car

holly (zeb's sister)  brought the girls to visit 6 weeks ago or so

this picture makes me laugh--you can tell ariana and alexandra didn't want to stop playing for a picture

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Today Sam smiled...

and Mommy's heart melted!

We had just gotten home from church and lunch and Sam had just eaten his lunch--I could tell it was coming so Zeb, SB, and Leigh all came around to watch--Zeb grabbed his camera phone just in time!

7 weeks 2 days

Friday, August 20, 2010

the reason i blog

as i was looking for sara beth's old school pictures i was reminded why i blog!  i want to be reminded of the cute things they do!  as i was reading from old posts i was immediately taken back to that day!  it was wonderful! and sad!  i had not remembered those things on my own, but it was a wonderful gift to have it on the blog!  so, that's why...

Good morning!

This smiling, bloody face was what I woke up to the other morning!  Hope you have a good day!  Leigh will--it's her first day of school!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

we have been working on sara beth not putting her hands on her hips.  i only care that she does this when she is talking to me.  it seems sassy.  after tap dance, she asked me if it was okay if she put her hands on her hips during dance!

(yes, i know she had her hands on her hips during her school picture.  she was being very cooperative so i didn't care!)

Sista Balleting, Daddy

Sara Beth has been wanting to take ballet since January.  She was doing gymnastics until May then we took the summer off of all activities due to Sam!  Needless to say, she has been sooooo excited!  Yesterday was her big day!  When Zeb asked her how it was she said, "Daddy it was just perfect!"  

It is a mixed class of ballet and tap.  They must wear all white.  I can't see her during the lesson and the first parent observation is in December!  I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010




Looking back at the first day of school pictures makes me cry!  My! How time flies!

Today was the Trinity Tea Party!  Sara Beth has Mrs. Amy Friday and knows several of the children in her class!  She is very excited about being in the 4 year old class!  I love the picture below.  Sara Beth rarely smiles naturally for pictures.  She is below!

Today was a big day for Leigh!  She got to go meet her 2 year old teacher!  She was very excited posing for pictures!  She also was very excited about her backpack! But...

When she got to school she wasn't so sure.  Zeb nor I have ever seen her with her hands in her mouth like this.  She was very nervous and since her paci stays in her bed I guess her fingers were the next best thing.  She told Honey yesterday she wanted to bring Todo (her dog she sleeps with nightly) to school!  It breaks my heart she is so sweet!

Things did get better when her teacher, Mrs. Phillips, pulls out dough-nut holes!  You can tell in her eyes though she still isn't sure!

She loved the balloon though!

And did let Mrs. Kristi Phillips hold her!

But was most comfortable when we went to pick Sister back up!  It's funny--she never left my side at her tea party, but when we got to Sister's room she bolted right in and started playing!

Sara Beth is very glad Ann Stuart and Warner are in her class!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School Dinner

I love back to school!  I cannot help it!  Tomorrow the girls have their tea party at school.  They are both so excited to meet their teacher.  We had a special dinner tonight to celebrate  While I was finishing dinner, the girls worked on their coloring books that I made them from sheets printed off the Internet.  (I may do this every night before dinner because they were seated at the table and not under my feet! :))

After dinner Zeb read The Kissing Hand and The Day the Teacher Went Bananas!  We are definitely all ready for school tomorrow!

Friday night after the rain it was cool outside (75 degrees)  I took the opportunity to dress him in a hat!  He looked so sweet!

I couldn't get over how big Sam looked today!  He is starting to get rolls!

And he is very tired of all the pictures I take!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Visit from Eady

Eady and Jennifer came to visit 2 weeks ago!  We had a blast!  But, as always it was too short!  Tucker and Emily stayed in Memphis and Tim was on a boys trip.  They had fun playing outside even though they got way too hot!

Eady was so sweet playing with Sam--she's had a lot of good practice lately with Emily!

Jen and I tackled one sewing project.  I haven't sewn in forever because my hands were so swollen and hurt so bad while I was pregnant.  It was nice to do it again!  We made the big girls these skirts. Sara Beth has been begging for a skirt and I finally gave in!

Sweet hug bye!  Come back and bring your siblings!

Here they are taking a break from playing!

How did Leigh get so much dirtier and so much more sweaty?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Making the most of our days (pt 2)

Last Friday, Mom and I took my three to Friends for a back to school tea party!  This was Leigh's first time to have a real tea pot and a tiny cup!  She did great and loved every minute!  She's getting big!

Saturday, Zeb took the girls to the Shiloh Park Splash Pad. 

Sunday Sam and I joined the rest of our crew and made it to church.  He did excellent and it was very nice to be back in the Lord's house.  I am looking forward to this Sunday.

Monday Sara Beth's friend Bradley came to play.  They have a lot of fun together!

We did this to our grass on purpose!

Both girls are so sweet to Leigh and let her play with them!

Tuesday we went to Two for Tuesday at The Play Place.  It was VERY crowded, but everyone had fun!  Leigh seemed slightly overwhelmed at times!

I'm happy to report all of their babies made it on to their boat safely this morning!

After the flood receded we played and sang to our babies!

Then we went to Pump It Up!  Mom called this morning and said they were having an extra open play time!  It was lots of fun!

And I joined in to!  I can't say it enough, but I'm glad to be able to do things with my family again!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Making the most of our days...

I have gotten very emotional about school getting started back.  I think it is mostly because I feel like I didn't have a summer with the girls.  Well, we are spending the last two weeks before school starts making up for that.  Zeb and I are trying to do as much as possible with them.  It has been fun and I think they have enjoyed the activities.  These are just some of them. I will post more later...

This is from The Play Place.  I actually didn't take them.  Our babysitter Miriam did.  The girls absolutely love her and she is a great example for them.  We will miss her when she goes back to school next week.  Hopefully she will call us when she comes back into town (hint, hint...)!

She almost got fired for good over this picture though.  Ole Miss and Raiders...doesn't she know us at all!!!

Sam is awake more and more and the girls are so sweet to him!

Even though it is blue blazing hot the girls have done some yard work with Daddy!

And sometimes the edger can even be a horse!

We have eaten popsicles right after breakfast on more than one occasion!

And played with a lot of play dough

And stomped through the mud puddles after the rain

and been Daddy's weights

and taken lots of baths

and read lots of Bible stories...  
The girls pretend they are Noah on a daily basis.  They pick something as their boat (clothes rack, bed, sofa, corner of a room, etc...) and pile everything in so it doesn't sink!

and when they do that...this is what our playroom looks like...

and we have slept (some more than others)

and we went to Hayes' birthday party---which was a blast!  

and Sam had his first extended outside time...

while the girls painted

I have some more pictures from this past week....and we have a busy week to come!