Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sam

What an emotional day for this Momma!  Both a year ago and today when you turn a year.  Last year, I was throwing up every time I moved so Zeb took me to see the on call doctor since mine was out of town.  Dr. Johnson checked everything on Thursday before she left and the baby was doing great and I was hanging in there.  Thankfully, she had given me good instructions on what to look for, so we knew we needed to go back.  Dr. Cole ran some tests and found out that the baby was not breathing and moving properly.  She sent me to the hospital for some fluids that would hopefully get the baby moving. They didn't so a short time later two other doctors delivered this sweet little BOY!  We didn't know if it was a boy or girl, but after two girls we just assumed another girl.  We had the perfect name for this little fella!  I was so excited to get to use it!

I cried for the next 3 or 4 hours straight.  The nurses kept asking if I was okay.  I was.  I had no idea how worried and concerned I had been for the last six months and it all just came flowing out.  He spent a week in the NICU on oxygen and feeding tubes.  He was 48 hours old when I held him and I will never forget that.  It's not normal for a Momma not to hold her baby soon after!  

It has been a fun year.  He is the sweetest and happiest little boy!  He LOVES his sisters and the feeling is mutual!  He loves to eat.  He already eats more than his sisters. He loves meats, fruits and veggies and has tried a lot of food now--too many to list.

 He is a great little sleeper, taking a morning and afternoon nap and sleeping 12  hours at night! 

Being early and then being sick A LOT this year, he is a little behind in his motor skills.  He pulls up great and loves standing.  Yesterday he stood by himself twice for a few seconds and today at his birthday party he cruised a couple of steps for the first time!  I am not at all concerned because he is continuing to make improvements.  Actually, it's kind of nice!  I feel like they transition from a baby to a toddler when they walk, so I can keep my baby a little longer!

We had a very fun party this morning.  He seemed to know it was for him and he loved it.  Pictures soon!

What a difference a year makes!


The Purser Family said...

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sam!

Anonymous said...

He is really a sweet little fellow and you did a great job with his party. He will be walking soon and there will be no looking back. Honey