Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Vacation

The McDaniel family loaded into a rented 15 passenger van and headed to Blue Ridge, Georgia! We had a great time. Here is Sara Beth riding high in the van. Zeb commented at one point that the new Sequoia's must be smaller, then he realized that we were just much bigger! Someone even asked if Dad was in charge of a daycare!

My camera messed up on the trip so most of my pictures are ones that my dad and sister took. The Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad ran behind our cabin and we climbed down and played on the tracks one afternoon! Don't worry the train only runs on the weekends during the winter! This is the last decent (if you can call it that) picture that my camera took!

We went to the Cabbage Patch Factory and saw a "baby" being born. The nurse let us name it and this little girls name is Sara Katherine--after SB and Katie. You can tell by the girls' faces they meant serious business as they were passing her off.

SB is checking out some of the new arrivals!

Mom found this great three story cabin. It was a great size for our family. The main floor was where the kitchen, den, and my parent's room were located, Zeb and I, and our kids had the basement, and Elizabeth's family had the upstairs. These are my two sisters, Sara and Elizabeth.

My Mom with the two girls getting ready for the train to start. You can tell they were giddy with excitement.
I am trying to locate pictures from the Chattanooga Children's Museum as well as a few others. More to come in a later post.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy 30th Birthday Daddy! You are a wonderful husband and father. We appreciate all you do! We love you! (Nov. 17th)

Halloween Activities

Sara Beth had a lot of fun dressing up and getting candy this Halloween. Here is her sweet class with her teachers, Mrs. Collins, and Mrs. Mary.
These are classmates that are also go to chuch with Sara Beth. Fireman (Warner), Dragon (Richard Lewis), Flower (Sara Beth), Little Bo Peep (Eady)

Playing in the leaves at Eady's house. Eady had a few friends over to play on Halloween. Unfortunatley I didn't get any good pictures of all of them.
We went to Winner's Circle Park on the 30th for the festival. Rosalyn, Katie, Eady, Sara Beth, Katie, Walker

As tradition goes, Daddy carves the jack-o-lantern. We had a special family night with a favorite dinner and then everyone helped Daddy.

And the final product...

10 Must Have Things to Make it Through a State Game

We went to a State game a few weeks ago with both of the girls. They were great and it was a lot of fun-but very busy!

10 things we must have to make it through a ballgame!

1. Pre-game jumping

2. Watching the band from Daddy's shoulders!

3. Rice crispy treats-Sara Beth ate 3--no telling how many William ate
4. A little football of their own!

5. Two boxes of popcorn

6. A little cat nap

7. A Yummy cowbell

8. Marshmallows

9. Honey

10. An empty row behind us, capri suns, parachuters, skittles,pom poms...okay so we need more than 10 things! We had a great time!