Monday, April 22, 2013

We have laughed a lot around here...

Last week in iphone pics

Leigh came bounding into our bathroom a few mornings ago so proud of her artwork.  She had the biggest bounce in her step and the biggest smile on her face.  Zeb and I just glanced at each other.  A book jacket isn't exactly the place for a masterpiece not to mention they aren't supposed to have markers/crayons/pens upstairs!  My sweet husband started to say something and then caught himself.  Instead of telling her what all she had done incorrectly he ended up saying..."Next time, I could not love you anymore." Ha!  The time will come when we can tell her that you don't draw on book jackets, but that morning she was proud and she walked away with the fact that her daddy loves her!  On the left side she copied the book Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse and on the right she wrote every word she knows how to spell and drew a family picture!

We had some big time excitement when our neighbor cut down a tree and had a "tree eating machine". Poor Sam needs someone to teach him the proper names for all of these machines!

We went to lunch with Doe last week at Local 463.  It is so yummy!  Can't wait to go back!  Sam says "I look like Daddy!"

Sam's nursery buddy had surgery last week so we paused at 10:00 to pray for him.

Supporting Team Andrew with a 5k walk!

Can't believe I will have two at FPDS next year!  Leigh had her Sneak Peak last Friday! She is ready to go!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

catching up

This is going back a few weeks, but I wanted to make sure that I posted these pictures.  It seems to be a common theme that Sam falls asleep in the car.  I guess that is what it means to be a third child!  I love to see how hat falls!

The girls got a trampoline for their birthday!  Sweet Daddy spent all afternoon one Saturday, but got it up!  

Many many hours have already been spent on it!

A new hat for "The Hat Man"

We have taken this exact picture the last three years!  They have gotten so big!

Sam wasn't sure what to do at the egg hunt at first...

but he got the hang of it!

These three pictures just make me laugh!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Twin Lakes

A few weeks ago, MOMS Bible Study had the 2nd Annual Family Fellowship at Twin Lakes.  It was a beautiful day! My crew had a blast!  We can't wait until next year!

Friday, April 5, 2013


Meet Anna Corinne...Isn't she a cutie?  My sister, Elizabeth, is bringing her home from China sometime around September.  Can you help her?  Her friend, Emily Ferguson, designed the cutest fundraiser t-shirt.  You can see Sam modeling it below.  She is selling them for cheap. I actually told her too cheap--ha! But who listens to their big sister!  $15 for one shirt or 3 for $12.  

It has the James 1:27 verse on it with a heart over her home in China.  James 1:27 is written on the front.  They fit very true to size and are nice and thick.  I actually have mine on right now!

It does come minus the drool spots on the front! 
 There is a $5 or so shipping fee (i think no matter how many shirts) or I can get them and give them to you.  She is going to place an order the last week of April so you need to hurry if you want some.  She can do paypal so just let me know what size you want and what your email is!  You can also mail her a check, but payment has to be made before she orders!  Just let me know!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!