Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

My Sweet Crew...

 Whew...What can I even say?  He steals my heart.  Too bad he won't NOTHING to do with me!

 Henson Boys

Jake and Jay

We went to my Mom's house for lunch and had a big crew, like usual. It is always a little bit crazy and a lotta bit fun! I  like to see how she decorates.  It is always the same things just moved around in different spots!  

McDaniel Grandkids

On the garage door

These fun (big) guys welcome at the garage door as well.

The Oates joined us this year!

He may not hug me, but he always has a hug for Doe.

Hunter and Eden

Hunter and Nick

Poor Kennon

He was mad because his aunt took his toy away!  :)

While some were hiding Easter eggs, my mom had the kids decorating hats and guessing how many jelly beans are in a jar.

On your "march", get set,