Tuesday, March 29, 2011

53 pictures later...

and this is the best one...

or maybe this one...

can't wait to see what lisa patti can do on Monday!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday at the Barbours

Last Saturday the Barbours invited us to their farm in Yazoo City. I was so excited that it worked out so we were able to go!  Everyone had a great time!  The Mills family came also.  It was great to make new friends!

Playing in the flowers in the front yard.

They have a very fun swing tied to one of the trees.

All the girls waiting on lunch.  There were 7 girls and 2 baby boys!
(somehow my camera got on the wrong setting so a lot of these pics of blurry--sorry)

Fishing--the highlight of the day!  Thanks Mr. Will for your patience!

Sara Beth was extra brave this day.  She was cracking us up--she jumped right on the horse, touched a fish--not sure where her bravery came from--ha!

As she was throwing one of the fish she caught back into the water it squirmed out of her hand--love the move I caught her in!

Thanks for a very fun and memorable day!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunday and Monday

There are many great things about vacationing at home.  One of them is being able to go to your own church on Sunday!  That we did, then we ate at Cool Water for the first time.  It has a great salad bar!  After naps we headed to the Farmer's Market to look around and see what they have in.  That led us to buying a bunch of good veggies for dinner!  Zeb grilled and it was as good as it looks!

Monday we went to the Natural Science Museum.  They have the best exhibit they have ever had.  It's a butterfly one!  The teacher in me--I can't help it---read The Hungry Caterpillar to the girls before we went and made sure they understood the stages so  they would get what they were looking at!

This is showing everyone how a caterpillar moves---it moves it back first to make it go forward!  We also learned that when a caterpillar is scared it moves backward.

Doing what caterpillars do...

This is a type of plant that caterpillars can get stuck in.

Changing into a chrysalis...

Another danger for butterflies...

Dancing to attract a mate...(not yet Leigh, not yet...)

A zip line with wings, so the butterflies can migrate south!

Have you ever seen such....an alligator using a turtle as a pillow with two more turtles on his back!

An open air butterfly exhibit.

Loving the trails outside!

Then, we all got sad because vacation was over!!!  We will do it again though!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


On Saturday, we went to the Children's Museum, and yet again, play with different things!  As many times as we have been there is still stuff we haven't even touched yet!  Scrabble was fun today!

Even Sam did a little playing with the kitchen stuff!

Then we went on a picnic to Bridges!  Before we left, the girls help me pack the basket that the Brashiers gave us as a wedding gift!

Sam went down a slide for the first time!

After naps, we had tennis time in the yard!  We have everything we need, but a net!

Sam also rode up and down the street in the car!

Miriam came over Saturday evening and played with everyone so we could have a date!  So fun!  Thanks Miriam and Zeb for planning it and working out all the details! Anytime, Miriam--seriously!!


We hit the ground running...first we celebrated Leigh's birthday with some doughnuts!

And she got to open her presents--which included this new bike!  She may or may not have needed a new bike because I may or may not have run over her trike!

Sam got called a girl 3x this day!  He was in an orange jon jon with animals all over it that the three Henson boys wore with a demin cap--I mean, come on...

We tried hard, yet were unsuccessful at a decent pic!

The black bear was up for a game of beek-a-boo with the girls!

After a lunch at home and naps, Daddy tried to teach Leigh how to ride her bike!

And Sam got some good outdoor time!

Leigh got to pick where we went for dinner and she picked Cock of the Walk--no surprise there!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Leigh Leigh

Dear Leigh, It's officially your birthday.  You are very confused because we have been celebrating for 2 weeks now!  You have been saying you are "free cause I got my tennis racquet" for quite a while now!  You are so funny!  Everyone tells us this.  You seem to have a really good sense of humor!  You love to sing and we can't get over how many songs you have memorized!  You definitely can cheer anyone up when they are having a bad day!  You are as stubborn as they come, but I have a feeling this will get under control as you get older.  You are very coordinated and nothing is much of a challenge for you.  You keep big bruises on your legs from constantly trying to keep up with Sara Beth! You are the sweetest thing to your little brother!  You always are checking on him to make sure he is okay.  You have beautiful, although, slightly wild strawberry blonde hair!  You are a great eater!  Especially when a granddaddy is feeding you! You absolutely love olives and pickles!  And you are very photogenic!  I have hundreds of really good pictures of you!  Happy Birthday, sweet girl!  We love you so much!