Sunday, June 12, 2011

Do I look as pasty as I feel?

Ok, this is Zeb.  I had to infiltrate the blogosphere to let blogworld know just how AWESOME my weekend was.  Of course, I awoke Saturday morning to a rich, fragrant, explosive cup of Community coffee...I don't know how anyone gets there day started without coffee (1)!  While that was awakening me for what I knew would be a great day, I spent some time scratching Austin behind her ears.  Man, she's a great dog (53)!  Then I turned on my iPad (40), which has become an excellent tool for morning devotionals and spiritual growth, for some reading from the book of Daniel.  You know, I'm really glad our TV doesn't makes my mornings so much simpler (28).

After that beautiful way of waking up, I had to get ready for my run.  Yesterday was a 10-miler.  I know what you're thinking, "Man, that sounds tough for a hot, summer day."  Well, you're right, but when you're training like me, you can't let that keep you down (27).  Some of you may even be calling me crazy, and if you are...well, I don't even want to bother with you (101)!

All that wonderful morning, though, only set the tone for what turned out to be an even better day.  We at Hensonville are tired of the crummy store bought produce that "Big Business" is trying to cram down our throats (82), so we planned a day at Hope Fruit and Berry Farms in Polkville, MS (big props to Nathan and Deborah Oakley, and her wonderful parents), where our little family was partake in one of the most fulfilling Saturday activities around...blueberry picking (132)!

I got my ol' gray LL Bean on (84) and a perfect-for-roughing-it pair of cargos (86), and we packed up the mini with a few ice-cold Dasanis (76) to head out of the city for the morning.  As you can see below, our Yahoos were natural at the berry-picking...and I know what you're thinking, "Just one other thing those Henson kids are good at."  And you're right (17)!

SB and Leigh could tell you right away what berries to pick.  And of course, were quick to tell me when I got a red or green one!

"Hey, could somebody get me a few more?  I've only eaten 1/2 my weight so far and it's been at least 12 seconds since I stuffed one of those guys down the pie-hole."

In the end, though, eating was much more rewarding than picking.  And our Yahoos (and their daddy) did more than their fare share of eating.  We picked 11 pounds worth of those little blue pieces of heaven!  (You know they're full of anti-oxidants, right? (59))  And we owe the Oakleys and Deborah's parents a hearty (blue-mouthed) "Thank you!" for showing us the ropes!

BUT, if that wasn't enough...Deborah showed up at Sunday school with a bag full of green tomatoes and sweet banana peppers (I think).  So Anna capped off the weekend with a splendid fried green tomato sandwich.  This is the kinda sandwich I'd drive across town and pay a day's wages to get (63)!

In case you were wondering, Hope Fruit and Berry Farms sells their produce at the High Street Farmer's Market.  I'm sure we'll see you there (5).

So in the end, I'd consider it one of the better weekends I've had recently, and I really just felt compelled to share it with you in blog-land.  I hope you didn't waste your Saturday sitting around watching TV (9)!


Anonymous said...

I knew this was going to happen!

Aunt Sa said...

love it! and love the corresponding stuff white people like links!!! Thanks Zeb

Anonymous said...

Great blog ZEB!! Glad your day was great!! Honey

Elizabeth Pegg said...

Bahahahaha! I love it :)

The Gardners said...

Love it Zeb! We just picked blueberries ourselves and had a great time:) Good memories!