Friday, June 10, 2011

So maybe it wasn't just VBS that made me tired

I definitely think the main reason I am tired is from VBS, but I've had the busiest nights that I've had since college! I usually do one maybe two things a month at night, but not this week!  

Zeb is involved with the residents and students at UMC so that means we go to several graduation functions!  We started the week last Sunday at a med/peds graduation dinner and will end the week tomorrow night at a medicine party.  On Monday, we had cooking club.  Only this was an extra special one.  My sister is a test cook for Patty Roper (MS Mag).  Sara's birthday is coming up so for her birthday she had our cooking club over for a fancy dinner!  We usually have a card table pulled up to the end of someone's dining room table and very often we use paper plates!  Not on Monday, we sat at a very fancy table and ate off of Annie Glass!  It was super fun and super yummy! Thanks, Mrs. Patty!

On Wednesday night, my parents treated us to a girls' night!  Dad gave us some money for dinner at Table 100 and then Mom sent us to Easely Amused for the evening!  We had fun! We never get to hang out like that!

And then last night, our D group went to the Watt's house for a dinner cruise of sorts!  They live on Lake Lorman and we took boats out to the center of their lake for dinner! Sue made shrimp salads and put them in those round ziploc containers so we each had our own bowl!  We all brought the sides and desserts!  I haven't been out on a boat since junior high, so needless to say it was a real treat!  This was all the girls right before we pulled away!  She says we will do it again later this summer; I sure hope so!!

And tonight, I was just too tired to cook.  Even though it is quite obvious I haven't been in the kitchen at all this week!  We met the Lowry's for Mexican and had so much fun! I haven't eaten Mexican or visited with them in a long time!  

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