Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dr. Elkin on parenting in general

During the month of May, our church did a 4 week series lead by Dr. Tom Elkin on parenting 0 to 6 year olds!  Since all of ours fit in the category, we made sure to be at every one!  However, after talking with several people who missed one or two, and several others that couldn't make them at all, andD also because I will misplace my notes, I decided to write the highlights (to me) down on this blog.

So many things that he said clicked with us!  Zeb and I talk about discipline a lot!  We sit down and decide what issues we need to major on!  This makes it really nice, because when he comes home from work it is continual.  Rules don't change just because daddy gets home!

Dr. Elkin says....

Goal of parenting-train my child to make decisions in light of the consequences, in as healthy  of a manner as possible, with consideration to others, and in harmony with my value system.  We need to rear out children with eternity in mind!

(Wow!  With eternity in mind! --God uses us as the primary tools to teach our kids about him.  I have known this.  We can't just let Sunday School, and school, and hopefully grandparents do this. We need to be very purposeful.  We try, but it really struck me to think about disciplining while always thinking about eternity.)

Here are the references he gave...Proverbs 22:1-5, Deut. 4:9, Deut. 11:18, and Prov. 22:6  

He also referenced Ezekial 18 at the end of the chapter.  Specifically talking about how our children have to grow up and be able to make decisions.  

More later...

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