Thursday, June 2, 2011

11 months

Sam, you are such a sweet 11 month old guy!  The last two and half weeks have been a little bit of a setback for you.  You started spitting up and throwing up everything we have given you to eat.  Also, you have been real fussy when you are eating!  You lost about a pound doing this, but we think the problem is your reflux came back with a vengeance!  Hopefully we can get your medicine right soon so this won't hurt you anymore!  It breaks my heart to see you hurting!  You still are fascinated with doors!  It is so funny.  As soon as you enter a room you go straight for the door!  You LOVE being outside!  

You are a super fast crawler!  You pull up pretty well, but haven't started cruising yet!  

Your teeth are so funny!  You have the bottom middle two and your vampire teeth on top!

You are a good sleeper--usually taking both a morning and afternoon nap.  You sleep between 11 1/2 and 13 hours at night!

These are your cousins 12 month swim shorts and as daddy says you look like jamal edmundson!  You wear anything from 6 month to 12 months.  It is REALLY hard to find you clothes that fit because you are long but narrow!

As always, your sisters are your best entertainment!  

We love you so much!


Anonymous said...

This little guy is CUTE! Let's get him well!

yume said...

Child is an angel. I was healed by smile.(from japan with love)