Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dr. Elkin--on being a Daddy and Self Esteem

First off, Thank you Zeb for being a wonderful Daddy to our three!  They are blessed to have a Daddy that spends as much time and energy as you do with them!  

Self-Esteem:  Top 4 things that help a child to have a good one
1.  There is a significant amount of acceptance on the part of the child.
2.  Clearly defined and consistent boundaries.
3. Respect--no put down comments to your child.
4.  If the parents tend to have good self-esteem themselves

Romans 12:3

The Daddy is responsible for 70% of a child's self-esteem...Why?
*Daddy is bigger and more intimidating than mom
*Daddy is the head of the house.
*Primarily thru affirmation--need to affirm THEIR PERSON daily--not just what they do
*Affirmation of performance needs to be conditional--you don't want to praise when they break a rule
*There is a big difference between person and performance--this parallels justification and sanctification.  

If Daddy doesn't confirm, the child will either...
*get angry and rebellious--"I don't need affirmation"
*"woe is me" mindset
*"if I do a good enough job, then he will have to think I'm good"

Happy Father's Day

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Great picture. Great Dad!