Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vacation Bible School

This is VBS week!  The most fun and most busy week of the summer!  This year I'm in with the 3 year olds--all 37 of them!  

We are studying Joseph.  I haven't had a spare second to venture out of 3 year old land, but there is no way that anyone has a cuter room!  I can say this, because, even though I'm in charge of them, I didn't do the decorating! 

 This is the Bible area! Phoebe Kruger is the lady in the red apron.  She is the one responsible for this set up and for teaching them the Bible story every day.  If you look closely you can see some of the kiddos with their hands open.  That's their "Bible" they pulled out of their pocket.  She stresses over and over that every word in the Bible is true--how important because this is not what culture says!  Jospeh is the yellow balloon.  Now he has a shiny coat on and kisses all over his face to show that he is the favorite son of Jacob.  The Elmo balloons are the other brothers.  You can see the balloons and the sheaves that bow down to Jospeh in his dream. 

Just look at how closely they are paying attention!

Tomorrow I will do a post on the entrance to the room!

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