Friday, November 4, 2011


Just a warning that there are tons of pictures on this post.  I am just now having a chance to upload Halloween pictures and since it's over and I'm done with it, I'm posting everything we did at once!

Friday night, my parents took Leigh and Sam to my grandmother's rehabilitation place to trick or treat.  All of the patients were in the halls and the kiddos walked the halls. (I took Sara Beth to a birthday party.) I love this idea.  I know my kids had a blast, but I'm pretty sure the patients had more fun!

Sam, the dragon

Leigh, Princess Cinderella

Doe as Little Red Riding Hood 

Also, since things have been so busy we ran out of time to carve pumpkins.  I couldn't let this slide altogether, so we painted them!  They loved it!

Making faces like their pumpkins.  SB made a trapezoid and Leigh and oval! Ha!  

Monday morning was Leigh's costume parade at school.  She got into it...

and so did Sam.  When all the classes went through he took.  He fussed when I went to pick him up.  He's gonna make sure he isn't left out of anything!

Then it was time for Leigh's party.

Sam spent most of his time at the train table.  I am glad he is getting one for Christmas!

Monday night we had both of our families over for soup and trick or treating.

Sara Beth as Rapunzel

Sweet Janet and Earl acted so surprised to see the girls.  They even had a bag of goldfish for Sam!

Sam, as a frog

Whew! I'm done.  And so is Halloween!


Anonymous said...

so sweet! thanks for sharing!

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