Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Festival

Today was the Kindergarten Fall Festival.  I think it went so well.  There were three sections.  In the gym, they played 7 different games and got some fun prizes.

 Sweet Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Stack

Mary Tyson and her dad came as clowns and made balloons for all the kids!

I had no idea Mary Tyson was so talented!  They were so sweet and patient with all the kiddos!

Addie and SB pause for just a moment for a picture

Mrs. Parker's entire class

Then they went to eat snacks.

Emily and SB

They were supposed to go outside for one of the times, but due to the weather they watched a movie...

and got tattoos..

their faces painted!


Anonymous said...

Love that orange nose! 

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. Honey

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