Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Race Day

Two weekends in a row we have spent our mornings at a course somewhere.  I must say, I love it!  It is such a fun, healthy, good environment! Sara Beth loves to run.  She runs up and down our street.  She runs around our fence in the backyard.  She runs on the playground at school.  Get the picture!  Anyway, I was doing a 12K on Saturday that had a fun run attached to it.  We asked Sara Beth if she would be interested and she was.  She and Zeb practiced a couple of times in the neighborhood and she was ready!

Waiting to run.  (The lady in green is our pediatric dentist (Dr. Tiffany Green with Southern Smiles--go see her if your kids need a dentist--she is wonderful!)

And they are off!  Leigh actually only made it 200 yards before she climbed in the stroller.  Oddly enough we discovered while we were practicing for the race that Leigh had asthma.  We (I) was at my wits ends with her. She was always sick with this nasty sounding cough and was having a hard time sleeping. When she tried to run she had a hard time breathing.   She was on 4 allergy meds that weren't cutting it.  Within a couple of days of being put on asthma meds her cough quit and she started sleeping better!  We are so thankful!  Back to the race...

Sara Beth did great.  It was in Fondren and had a really big hill at the end.

Here she is crossing the finish line in less than 12 minutes with an untied shoe!

They were so proud of their medals.

Post race family pic

Honey and G came to cheer them on.  She made a sign that was reversible.  The other side said "Go Leigh".

Even Sam got a medal for riding one mile!


Anonymous said...

Great morning!
G 

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Anonymous said...

How cute they all were. Good job hensons. Honey