Monday, November 28, 2011

The McDaniels Invade San Antonio

Seriously it felt like we invaded San Antonio--all 12 of us in a 15 passenger van!  The Peggs flew so there were just 8 of us on the way there!

Mom packed a picnic and we stopped at a park and had a great lunch.  The kids were fantastic travelers!!  We only stopped twice on the way there and twice on the way  home and we weren't pushing them at all!  They were just happy and content!  

Tuesday night when we arrived we just walked to a restaurant near the hotel.  It ended up being great--Zeb's favorite meal we ate while we were there.  It was Icenar and it was Tex-Mex.

The next morning we hit the town running.  First up was the Alamo.  The city is just beautiful.

The Alamo

Zeb teaching the kiddos what happened there. 

Anytime Leigh saw a flag she stopped and did The Pledge.

Katie took this pic--all I had to do was crop it to center us!

Leigh loved riding on "Uncle Clark's head"

All four big kids were able to fit on the back row.

After naps we went to New Braunsfels and rode the train.

And we ate the best BBQ at Rudy's.  It was family style and you ate off of a paper placemat.

The girls got to wash their hands in a "fancy sink" also known as a trough!


Anonymous said...

 Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Some great pictures. Did you have those great smiles the whole time? Honey

uv detectors said...

This is already a perfect family gathering for me.