Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Race Day

Zeb ran his 2nd marathon and Rob ran his 18th this past weekend.  It was the Battlefield Marathon outside of Chattanooga.

Before the race...

Tina and I squirmed our way in to the "warming" tent.

This was Rob and the man we affectionately named "chicken man".  He was doing the strangest stretches before the race that looked just like a chicken.  It didn't help that he was wearing yellow!  We laughed really hard when we saw them running 21 miles together!!  Come to find out his name is Ben and he is from north TN.

Feeling good at mile 8!

Finished! Yahoo!  He did great!  He didn't get the time he wanted because he spent the last 7-8 miles cramping really badly!  But, he still shaved 22 minutes off his last one!

Post race fuel

On Friday night we ate at Lupi's pizza.  Saturday for lunch we ate burgers at Steak N Shake and we ate dinner at Tony's.  All three meals were very good.  We spent Saturday afternoon walking around downtown and driving through the mountains.  It was very fun!  

Rob and Tina on the way home


Anonymous said...

Impressive you two guys. Congrats !!!! Honey

The Hensons said...

ok, wait....go back to the finish line picture. did those people on the right side of the picture finish before zeb?!?!? the old people with the fanny packs???? b/c if so, i totally want to do their workout regimen. geez.