Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just a few pics of Sam

Once Sam turned a year I quit doing the monthly updates and have been doing them every three months.  However, he is changing so quickly I just have to update a little!

I bought him this coat last week at Mistletoe.  I had a store hold it and then I walked around and thought about it for way too long.  I decided to buy it when I realized he was my last baby and this was the last year he could wear something like this.  I think it was well worth the $30!

Sam still loves going on walks.  I had to take a picture because notice how his head and feet are turned--he slept for quite a while--I'm not sure how!

He has really gotten in to helping me around the house.  His two favorites are dusting and throwing things away!

We all went to the MCM on Saturday and he had more fun than I thought was possible!

Sam amazes me at how well he follows directions.  I can tell him almost anything and he does it.  Whether it is to pick up his milk and bring it to me or to close the door or to go get in the car. 

His two top molars are mostly in and yesterday (hence the fussiness) I noticed his bottom ones were coming in.  Other than those he has four on the top and four on the bottom.

He still eats great, but forget about getting him to eat any kind of pasta or potato (even fries).

Often when he gets ready for bed he goes and gets his paci and Benji.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to have him this weekend. Girls too! Honey

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