Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Morning Messes thanks to Lee

We got somewhere over 11 inches of rain thanks to Tropical Depression Lee.  You can see what that did to the creek behind our house and to our yard.    We are up on a hill so none of this water got close to our house, but you can see how high up it came in our yard.  Needless to say our flower beds are ruined and we have a lot to clean up.  We are very thankful for cooler weather to work outside in!

This morning I got Sam out of his room and then washed his sheet and changing pad cover because his room smelled awful!  None of that helped though.  Then after my shower I walked barefoot into his room to put him down for his nap.  The carpet in his closet was wet.  Real wet and so was by his window.  Zeb pulled all the carpet padding out and we are trying to dry the carpet out.  Hopefully it will only take a few days because Sam doesn't like sleeping in the bathroom!  We are very thankful it appears to just be the carpet!

And we are hoping that tomorrow we will wake up and not find another mess!  I learned a big lesson though.  When you have a flash flood walk around your house barefoot--we never do and now our house stinks!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a big project. Sorry for the mess. Need help? Honey