Monday, September 26, 2011

we ate our way through new olreans...

so, zeb and i go to a town for  food. period.  eating is our favorite thing to do when we travel. last week before heading to NOLA i said that i didn't understand why everyone loved the food so much down there, because i sure didn't.  but, the thing is that i eat NO spicy food.  i don't understand why someone eats something that hurts.  it makes no sense to me! :)  i need to take that statement back.  we ate some awesome food!

friday night we didn't have reservations so we just walked around and checked out menus at some of the places that were recommended to us or that we had read about online.  we ended up eating at irene's.  we had to wait about an hour so next time we will get reservations! of course, my pictures are terrible because they are from my phone and the restaurant is dark.

this is a bruschetta that they brought to the table as we were seated!

my salad was their nightly special--tomato and buffalo mozzarella with arugala and toasted pumpkin seeds with a white wine vinaigrette.  zeb got the caesar and said my was better.

zeb got the cannelloni and it was fabulous! i got ravioli and it was really good as well.

i can't remember the name of our dessert but it was the bread pudding-it was as good as it looked!

the next morning we got beignets.  we actually got them both mornings.  saturday was good and the service was good.  sunday we waited at our table for 25 minutes before we got any service and honestly that really was frustrating so they didn't taste as good day 2.

we rode the street car down to the garden district and walked around and looked at houses and did a little shopping on magazine street. i don't think i have ever done that side of new orleans and it was so calm and nice!
this was my favorite house

saturday night we ate a she marie which is new.  it was very modern inside and my drum fish was perfectly prepared!  

on sunday we went to my first ever nfl game.  zeb has been helping a bank with a wellness program so they took us down there.  we sat in their box-so to say that we were spoiled is an understatement.  it had quite the view.  there was food there so i ate boiled shrimp and a hotdog!  sounds good together, huh?   it was a weird combo but i can never turn down shrimp or a hotdog!

the game was really good and the saints pulled out a W in the end!  i told zeb i had a hard time paying attention to the game because i couldn't stop people watching! i had no idea people got into the nfl like that--i mean grown women wearing tutu's!


Anonymous said...

I am jealous!

Genneysa said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time! So glad the Saints won for you, too! It was a squeaker, wasn't it?!

laura said...

What a fun weekend!!

Anonymous said...

And we loved having Sam for the weekend. Honey