Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dancers at the wedding

So, let me just say, it is perfectly acceptable to take pictures at this wedding. During the ceremony, people would answer their phones or play handheld games, so pictures weren't distracting!

The brought in a DJ from New York to emcee the reception. Tradition has it that the bride and groom and their families walk in separately while everyone is "giving it up" for them! Then Seema's sister and cousin dance for them. I got a little of that on video. After that, Seema and Kendall danced and then all the married couples in the room joined in in show of support of their marriage. I thought that was a pretty cool thing.

Next came 30-45 minutes of dancing, then dinner. Dinner consisted of both Indian and American cuisine. It was all so good. It was 10:00 by this time, so Zeb and I called it a night since my sister was keeping our kiddos. (we got there at 5) I haven't heard yet what time it ended, but I am sure I was deep in dreams when it did!

I think I forgot to mention that the entire wedding took place at The South.


Anonymous said...

Is that you and Zeb? Preety good!

Anonymous said...

Is that you and Zeb? Pretty good!