Monday, August 29, 2011

We had a visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Yesterday afternoon right before church, I pulled Sara Beth's first tooth!  You can see the excitement in her eyes!  I think I was as excited as she was that I got to pull it!  I really wanted her to be with me when it came out.  I knew it was close and I wanted to be able to share in her excitement.  

This was my Tooth Fairy pillow from when I lost my teeth! I love it that my mom kept it and that my kids now get to use it.  The Tooth Fairy brought her $3!  She's been thinking all day trying to figure out how she wants to spend her money. 


Gray said...

Yay! Can she eat now? Ha!

Anonymous said...

Yea for Sara Beth but I can't believe that she let you pull it. Honey

human growth hormones said...

Hey kiddo, what's up with the fairy. You should have wish for something.